How to Heal a Burn Fast Naturally at Home? Tips in Urdu & English

How to Treat Burns Naturally at Home? Health Tips in Urdu & English

If any part of your body has been burned while working in kitchen or in some fire accidents, then curing that burn part of the body is so much important as immediately as possible! You don’t need to attend a doctors clinic for curing your burns. You can even cure it easily by staying at home on natural basis. So here we have some guidelines for you choose the best and natural methods for treating your burns at home.


How to Heal a Burn Fast?

Use of Aloe Vera
If your hand has been burned or if you feel that your face has darken so much due to sun exposure, then using aloe vera is the best option for you. Besides using the ice packs on the specific areas of the body, you can apply the Aloe Vera paste which is stated to have magical properties and curing qualities. It will cure your burn in just 24 hours.


Applying Mint Toothpaste
If your hand has been burned or if your hand has touched some heated material then applying mint paste on that area is another best home remedy. You should wash that area of body with cold water and then apply the mint toothpaste on it. It will give your burning area with some certain relaxation and calmness.


Vanilla Paste
If you are not having mint toothpaste in your house then you can also choose to apply vanilla paste on it as well. You can apply it in the same way as we have discussed the application procedure of the mint toothpaste.


Tea Bag
The next most important remedy for us is the use of tea bag. You can take some dry tea bags and apply it on the areas that are burned. Although it will not cure the burn area completely but it can keep you away from facing any sort of pain or itchiness.


Honey is the best ingredient to be used on the burn areas of body. Honey has the magical properties with which it can easily cure the redness on the burned areas of the body. You just need to take one small amount of honey and apply it on the burned areas of the body.


You can also use milk for curing the burned areas of body. Milk is in liquid form but you can also apply it as a paste by cooking it first in a thick texture form.

Vitamin C & E
If you are not in favor of choosing some home natural remedies, then the best way would be to look for some Vitamin C and Vitamin E medications. You can even take some homeopathic medicines for a better treatment of burns at home.


So these have been few basic and important home treatments which you can look for to treat the burns naturally at home. To cure your hand or face burns at home, don’t forget to follow the remedies which we mentioned right here for you. Below natural tips have been given in Urdu about “How to Heal a Burn Fast?”;


How to Heal a Burn Fast Naturally at Home? Tips in Urdu & English


How to Heal a Burn Fast Naturally at Home? Tips in Urdu & English

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