How To Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Anger? Tips in Urdu & English

How To Control Anxiety, Depression & Anger Easily? Health Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Most of the people might have been involved into these depression, anger and anxiety phases at some point in their lives. So how can you overcome this issue, we will tell you! These are such threatening situations which we just cannot explain, the person becoming the victim of anger and depression, stress and tension, he fails to enjoy his life. He just put a full stop in his life. Each one of us has a potential to overcome these stages of anxiety and anger, there are simple ways to do so!

Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression & Anger
It is because of the situations of irritability, agitation or it is because of the restlessness that you involve in this phase. When you enter into this stage, then you experience a lower love and romance drive, you fail to focus on your work, you start to lack decision making power. You either sleep too much or you become the person having insomnia. You feel change in your appetite, you start to eat too less or you start to eat too much. You will notice physical symptoms in yourself like you will start getting headaches and also body aches.

Causes of Anxiety, Depression & Anger
It is seen that depression is caused because of the combination of factors which are linked to genetic and biological site as well as because of the environmental and too psychological factors. Some of the medical conditions, they trigger depression at the same time, this hormonally induced depression, it develop right after childbirth.

Treatment of Anxiety, Depression & Anger
To come out from the depression zone, you have to involve yourself in a large number of fun filled activities which pass your time perfectly. Just involve your brain and yourself in a multiple activities, in this way you will never think about the depressed situations happening in your life.

Try to keep a diary and write your daily happenings in it, it is important for you to take out those depressed and anger feelings and put them down in a written form. You have to vent out those emotions, never and ever keep these feelings of anger and depression in yourself, you have to take them out by writing a diary.

Make sure that you eat an excellent diet, more balanced diet and great good you are going to eat, more you will remain happy on every single day. There should be color in your meals, your lunches and dinners have to be tasty, eat well and keep yourself happy as well.

You only need to relax down yourself, never and ever get hyper. By losing the control of yourself, you will only do damage. So try to learn as to how to relax during anger and depressed situations.

Forget about your past and future and live your present only! Never let your past or future to affect your present phase of life. Now read mental health tips about anxiety, depression and anger in Urdu.

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How To Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Anger? Tips in Urdu & English

How To Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Anger? Tips in Urdu & English

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