Importance of Pharmacy in Daily Life

The Importance of Pharmacy in Real Life

Preparation of drugs and medicine is a complex procedure, it is the most important profession in the world related to the health of individuals on national and domestic level. The preparation of drugs and various drugs related to different diseases and their distribution is done by th professionally qualified and trained people called Pharmacists. They are the people who know the correct use of medicines and advise the correct use of medicines to their patients. Just like a doctor who diagnosis a disease in the patient, A pharmacist prepares the medcines for them to bring them instant cure and get rid of their disease.

Importance of Pharmacy Worldwide

Therefore we can say that Pharmacy and the knowledge of pharmacy is as important as the qualifications of a doctor (MBBS). Pharmacists are the people who operate at the front level, they are not working behind the scenes. The importance and significance of pharmacy in the world can be understood by the fact that there are billions of drug stores and pharmacies in every country of the world.  The diseases in the third world countries are much frequently attacking the poor and innocent people than in the western world, therefore the importance of Pharmacy in the real life in countries like India, Pakistan, African countries and Afghanistan is ever increasing.

The number of drug  stores in Pakistan have increased in the recent decades which indicates the increase of drugs and prescribed medicines by the physicians. Also the dependency on drugs is due to the fact that they provide instant and quick relief from the pain and chronic illness or any other severe disease.

Importance of Pharmacist

A pharmacist keeps an eye on the quantity of the drugs, the production and the distribution of the drugs. They are also called the chemists who are trained and qualified professionals who operate in the vicinity after obtaining a valid license.A pharmacist keeps an open and wide eye on the hospitals and patients both, they have to stay updated about the latest trends in medicine and diseases so they can provide the best services to the humanity. They also spend a lot of time in the laboratory, where they perform experiments on the different chemicals and drugs and also tour the drug manufacturing factories. They play an important role in the marketing of those drugs which they observe in the drug manufacturing factories worldwide.

Therefore the importance of pharmacy is ever increasing and this profession can and never will be ignored until the end of the world. Pharmacy is a unique field of science which directly involves the medicines.

A pharmacist can have a good career in any country if they are passionate about their work and they have a good understanding of drugs and their manufacturing. They have to take into account many important aspects in their profession so that no human being is harmed with their negligence. In Pakistan, there is an acute shortage of good pharmacists and medicine profession is suffering from the lack of skilled people who can work with a very progressive career inside the country./

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