Pharmacology And Duties of Pharmacologist


Pharmacology is the branch of medicine and biology concerned with the study of drug action, where a drug can be broadly defined as any man-made or natural. The drug can affect any part of the body like an organ, a tissue, The study of interactions between the living organisms and the chemical that affect the biochemical function in the body is called Pharmacology. If the substances have properties similar to medicines, then they are classified as pharmaceuticals. The composition of medicines and drugs is basically studies in pharmacology, the detailed topics like design of the drug, cellular and molecular mechanisms in the drugs etc.

The professional who is an expert on various types of drugs is called a pharmacologist and he or she willl have extensive knowledge of the mechanisms like metabolism, tolerance interactions, and the side effects of the drugs on the body. Most patients are used to taking drugs for severe and chronic diseases in their bodies, when they take drugs regularly, the body becomes addict to them and it also affects their bodies in a normal and abnormal way. The Pharmacologist knows exactly how to pinpoint the various effects of any particular drug on the body. Also, they make the medicines for the use of humans and animals which can put positive effect on their healths.


Responsibilities of Pharmacologist


Pharmacology is divided into many branches, like clinical pharmacolog, Neuropharmacology, psychopharmacology and cardiovascular pharmacology to name a few. The study of biological systems in humans and animals is a complex procedure, before studying the chemicals and drugs related to humans and animals, the pharmacologists must have extensive knowlege of the humab chemistry and organ functions. The chemicals they produce for cure and rehabilitation of health have many properties and put various effects on the body. They suggest the proper medication for the patients which is a daunting task.

They also prepare and discover the tools and technologies realted to helping the human body against the effects of various medicines and find out the real reason behind the bad effects of drugs.

The Apporval of New Drugs

They have to deal with and take into account many different aspects like metabolic stability of the candidate for which the drug is being produced for, they have to carefully research the new products in the market and perform chemical analysis. In United States, there is a body called Food and Drug Administration which is responsible for making the rules and guidelines for any new drugs that pharmacologists produce and wish to offer into the market. If the drug is found effective against a particular disease, then it is approved, otherwise a drug proves to be ineffective against a particular disease is disapproved by the FDA. The other criteria drug must meet is safety. It must be tested a nd must be safe on animals and humans.

Education of Pharmacologists

They successful students of pharmacology are called biomedical scientists, they come out as scientists who can perform various research, tests, discover new drugs and able to understand how the human body can be cured. They must have good knowledge and practical understanding of subjects like physiology, pathology and chemistry. In the university in order to pass their examination.

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