Intermittent Fasting Introduction & Health Benefits (Urdu-English)

What is Intermittent Fasting? Health Benefits & Tips in English & Urdu
The common intermittent fasting method, it mainly and generally involve fasting for 16 hours on a daily basis or you can be fasting for exact 24 hours for twice a time on a per week basis. In this routine, you can only have liquids and they should be without the presence of sugar content. This fasting has become a common routine for those people who want to lose weight. Here we will further talk about the introduction and benefits which are encompassed by this weight loss routine.

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine Pursued Exclusively Intermittent Fasting Routine
Have you seen and watched Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, there he opted the intermittent fasting routine and managed to get that physique and look! You can either follow or opt the 16/8 method. This is what we call Leangains protocol, in this routine you will be skipping your breakfast and you have to restrict yourself on the eating period of 8 hours. Like you can only eat in between the time of 1 pm to 9 pm. Then your fasting will start for about 16 hours.
Or you can follow the eat-stop-eat method. In this routine, you will fast for 24 hours one time in a week or two times in a week. Then we have another version of this fasting routine which is 5:2 diet. In this plan, you will consume just 500–600 calories for two non-consecutive days on a per week basis and then you can eat on a normal basis for the rest of the days.

Your Hormones Production Gets Adjusted A Lot Because of Intermittent Fasting
The vital benefit which is offered by intermittent fasting, it is mainly that your hormone production mechanisms are adjusted greatly and perfectly at the molecular and cellular level.

Your stored body fat manages to become far more accessible because your body start to learn as to how to adjust the hormone levels.

Diet Plan of Hugh Jackman in Wolverine
While your body stays on the mode of intermittent fasting, then during your eating time, you should have high-fiber foods which includes nuts, beans as well as fruits and vegetables. Have high protein foods like that of meat, fish and tofu.

When the eating window gets opened during fasting, the try to drink lots of water and have black coffee or tea, or you can have cinnamon tea or try to have licorice herbal teas.

The Brain Health Drastically Improves Because of Intermittent Fasting
Your brain health gets better is one is going to opt this intermittent fasting routine. This fasting habit will increase and boost, enhance your brain hormone which is termed as BDNF.

Your brain nerve cells will further grow on a productive note and you will no longer get an Alzheimer’s disease at any cost.

You Manage to Burn Your Body Fats Upon Opting The Intermittent Fasting Routine
This eating pattern adjust the stored body fats and calories content of yours. You start shedding away weight as you manage to fast for extensive number of hours.

You also start eating healthy and productive and this eating pattern ultimately helps you to lose weight and have healthy lifestyle.
Now read all about intermittent fasting in Urdu language.

Intermittent Fasting Introduction & Health Benefits (Urdu-English)

Intermittent Fasting Introduction & Health Benefits (Urdu-English)


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