Midwifery, as known as obstetrics, is a health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period (including care of the newborn, besides sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. It has gained a level of profession in many countries and is counted as a full fledged medical profession with special education obtained by the individuals who want to work in this profession. This is however is not as same as any other medical speciality like heart surgeon or brain specialists, but this does require some general and basic level of training before taking the responsibilities of midwifery.

As compared to men, this profession is very common and popular among women in the world. Women have the love, the compassionate heart and the nature God gave them to perform this duty well and fulfill the requirements of this profession well.

Main Areas of Midwifery

Midwifery education can be completed in 3 trimesters. The most important area of midwifery is Pregnancy. A normal period of pregnancy is about 9 months for a woman, therefore, in different countries the requirements are different for the first trimester. In the first three months, the urine analysis is done to the women and also tests are conducted likeCBC  , the complete blood count. The risks and diseases related to pregnancy are found out by monitoring the women’s blood pressure and their weight is also kept in supervision for the period of first three months of pregnancy. Some women have down syndrome during this period and they are also kept under supervision and not allowed to do exercise or weight lifting in this time period.

Diet of a woman in the most important thing in the time of pregnancy, in the second trimester, the mother visits the midwife more often than the first trimester of pregnancy. The task of the midwife is to discuss the serious and important issues and daily feelings of the mother like the  body weight, the pain in the stomach, problems like heartburn caused by the pregnancy, blood pressure is kept under normal limit inpregnancyy. The midwife does a great job in analysing all these aspects in a woman n and measure the size of her abdomen as well so that no complications arise.


In the third and final trimester of the pregnancy, the task of the midwife increases as she has to see the mother more frequently in last three months. Midwife has to pay visits to the woman who is about to become a mother after every two weeks and more frequently if required. Again, all the vital signs and necessary aspects like blood pressure, sugar level, heart rate, abdominal weight and measurement is taken very carefully. If required, additional testing is also done to make sure no child birht complications arise.

The Childbirth Stage

This is the most challenging and important stage of the whole responsibility of a mid wife. Midwives are qualified women who are willing and happy to assist the women ready to give birth to their new born. They take in all four parts of child birth like opening of cervix for the delivery of baby and assess the movements of the baby.

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