Optometry and its Uses

Optometrist is a health care provider who specializes in the examination, diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of diseases and disorders of the human visual system, the eye, and the associated structures.The personnel are as important as nurses or operation theater attendants who have a job to do before and after the eye operation and help the eye surgeons. For a number of conditions of a patient, they provide mostly the care for the primary vision and take a deep examination of the eyes to figure out which problem is causing them short-sightedness.

The study of optics is very old, optics is a major subject that is also taught in the physics in high school and colleges. Optometry is a recognized qualification and a profession and in different countries, to start this profession the degree must be obtained  from a professional institution.. Just like all the healthcare professionals who have to keep their knowledge and skills updated according to the latest trends, the optometrists also have to keep pace with the modern world of technology and upgrade themselves regularly.

Tasks and Duties

They have a good knowledge of all they types of vision problems are related diseases. They also perform a number of tests on the eye that are about checking the eye color  and finding the abnormalities in the eye colors. They take a good look at the patient;s eyes and find out if their visual activity is alright or not. They then by making a comprehensive decision, decide whether the patient needs eye glasses or not? If the patient’s eye sight is significantly low and they cannot see properly without glasses, they prescribe the glasses to them as well. They suggest medicines also for the problem of low vision and help the patients to rehabilitate the low vision problem.

Their tasks are not limited to checking the eyes and prescribing glasses to patients , they also have to do effective treatment for the vision problems. They also have to take care of the patients before the surgery and after the surgery is complete, they make sure that that patient is going to open their eyes slowly according to the instructions.

Career Opportunities

Optometrists specialize in the eye vision, therefore they are closely related to the sportsmen and sports vision. They perform vision therapy on a number of sportsmen and they advise contact lenses to them. They work exclusively with the children as well and generally work in all hospitals where the eye checking facility is provided. In Pakistan the Optometrists have to obtain some kind of qualification before they can start their careers as eye care professionals, they can do graduation and go for higher qualifications also like MPhil, Msc or PHd. A number of scholarship schemes are available for them to avail and make their studies easy and affordable so they can concentrate on their study and not the financesThey should not be confused with the eye surgeons.They always have to work closely with eye care professionals who are senior to them in the rank and experience.

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