Operation Theatre Technology and its benefits

Operation Theatre Technology

Operating theatre technicians are a fundamental part of the operation unit working with surgeons, anesthetists and theatre nurses to ensure that every single procedure is as safe and successful as possible. The attending doctors play ani important part in the successful operations conduction on the patients day by day, not it is not only the competency of doctors or surgeons that counts in an operation, the operation’s overall success depends on the nurses as well as on the technical capabilities of the operation theatre and the tools and technologies used to make the operation a good one.

The alertness of operation theatre staff is must, and the level of technology they use counts a lot during a serious medical operation. Operation theatre technologist is an individual l who has a good technical ability and knowledge of uperation theatre technology. They are knowledgeable and qualified personnel who have obtained professional degree. There are a number of degree that an operation theatre technologist can obtain during their study to start his or her career. For example, one get do a diploma in operation theatre technology DOTT which h is basically a one-year diploma and contains 2 semesters/ He or she must have passed high school and have a high school degree from private or public school.

Then there is another diploma in operation theatre that is 2 years of duration and it normally has 4 semesters. After studying 4 semesters, the student become eligible to work as an operation theatre technologist. They must also have a high school degree with science subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

Scope and Career

The scope os this profession as an operation theatre technology is wide. In a broad sense, hey have to be master in using all the technology in operation theatres/. They have to clean and make all the equipments ready before the operation in the operation theatre. Their major task is to assist the doctors or surgeons performing the actual operations on a patient.After the surgery , their task is to maintain the operation theater technology in a sound manner to be used again in the operation theater.

The operation theatre technologists also help the doctors to make the patients conscience, They move and transfer the patients in the operation theatre before the operation starts from their rooms and wards. They prepare the room of operation theatre perfectly so that nothing can go wrong during an operation. They have to check and the surgical equipments to make sure that they are in the good working order before the big operation starts. They also help the nurses and help the patients to be transferred on the operation theatre bed.

They have a set of personal skills and knowledge that makes them a unique individual in the operation theatre and outside it.They must have good communication skills, the skills to talk to al types of patients of any age and disease, they must be polite,caring, flexible, intelligent, hard working, smart and very co-operative with their doctors and seniors.

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