Osteopath: What They Do ?

Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes massage and other physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bone. The name is derived from an ancient word in the Greek language that means bones and the history of osteopathy is quite old. In United States of America, the osteopathic professionals are those individuals who are referred to as physicians and they are well trained in this profession and possess valid certifications to complete to carry on this profession.They can also practice medicine as well as the practical osteopathy, whereas in other places , osteopaths are not the general physicians.

Osteopathy in Different Countries

Osteopaths perform an important duty to relieve the muscles and bones of pain and stiffness. In advanced countries like United Kingdom. France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, osteopaths are the registered people who are registered legally in the country to do their practice and have to follow the certain regulations enforced by the law upon them.In Britain, Osteopaths are not certified to do practice as general physicians like America,, but they do deal with the problems like headaches, migraines, depression , digestive and stomach disorders, muscle and bone problems.

However back in the 19th century, the Osteopathy first began in the United States in 1874 at Baker University where pathological conditions were treated and bone treatment was very effective. Now the profession of osteopathy has evolved into two branches and changing rapidly according to the advancements in the medical science day by day.. The first type of osteopaths are non-physician manual medicine osteopaths and the second type is Osteopathic physicians. There are several institutions and organizations in the world these days which provide quality education and training for starting a professional career as Osteopath.

In Australia, the Osteopaths can do their private practice, and the treatment they provide to their clients is also covered by the public health care system in Australia. In Australia, there is a five years training course equal to university level is must for becoming an Osteopath. It was originally started in 1955 in Australia in Victoria and the Osteopathy Board of Australia is also the main body that governs this profession. In European Union, there is no regulatory authority for the governance of Osteopathy and rules differ from country to country/ The General Osteopathic council formed in United Kingdom in 1993 issues papers on the regulation of osteopathic profession.

In France, the Osteopathy is recognized profession and is protected by the government. Germany has both osteopathy and osteopathic medicine.


Duties of an Osteopath

The Osteopath normally touches the body parts and then make a diagnosis on the basis of their knowledge and experience. They also look at the patient’s history and any results from  the medical tests. They use modern technological devices to accurately find out the problem like the X ray machines, the CT scan , and all the other laboratory testing devices. They give treatment like soft tissue stretching , perform treatment necessary for muscle relaxation and apply techniques of Gentle mobilization for the treatment of back, joints, bones and muscles.

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