Osteoporosis-Intro, Symptoms, Causes, Complications & Treatment

All About Osteoporosis Like Introduction, Symptoms, Causes, Precautions, Complications & Treatment in Urdu & English
This osteoporosis is a condition when your bones becomes weak as well as brittle. This is the stressful condition and you need to handle it at the right time. It is seen that your hip bone and your wrist as well as your spine are largely affected because of this osteoporosis condition. Both of the genders, men and women are affected with this issue and especially most of the Asian women are the biggest target of this issue.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis
As this condition is all related to bone loss, that means you will start getting weaker texture of bones, there will be a back pain and there will also be a loss of height after the gradual span of time. You will get a stooped posture, these are the basic symptoms which you will face during this condition.

Causes of Osteoporosis
It is because of the loss of mass bone that this issue is affected. It is important for you to see the doctor on the immediate note if you ever had hip fractures or if you experience early menopause or if you took any of the corticosteroids, these are the basic underlying causes of this issue. As soon as you are going to develop this health issue in yourself, you might face many of the risky health situations. There will be unchangeable risks in your body, even some of the risk factors many get out of control. More older you are going to get, extreme and severe this condition is going to become. If there is a family history then you are likely to become the victim most of all!

Risk Complications
You might get a celiac disease, or you can get involved into the inflammatory bowel disease. You can have the liver of kidney disease if you have this condition. You can become the patient of cancer or lupus.

You need to go for the regular exercise habit if you want to improve this osteoporosis condition of yours, if you will get the good amount of nutrition then your bones will really become healthy. In your diet, you should add vegetables and lots of proteins.

If you are underweight then there are chances that you will always face the bone loss situation and if you have an excessive weight condition then there are extreme chances that you will get fractures in your wrist and arms.

You should be taking low fat dairy products, in your diet, you should try to have dark and green leafy vegetables. You can have a canned salmon or you can have sardines along with bones. You need to go for the intake of calcium fortified cereals and have orange juice on the daily basis.

Exercise is very important for the patient of osteoporosis, it is just by doing exercise that strong bones will be build up and there will never be a bone loss at your end. You will get a lot of benefit just by doing exercise. You need to make a routine of doing regular exercise. Here at cliniconline.pk we can suggest you 100% effective homeopathic medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis.

This is how the issue of osteoporosis can be solved!

Osteoporosis Intro, Symptoms, Causes, Complications & Treatment

Osteoporosis Intro, Symptoms, Causes, Complications & Treatment

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