Top 25 Skin Care Tips & Tricks For Women of All Ages (Urdu-English)

Top Twenty Five Skin Care Tips & Tricks For Females of All Ages in Urdu & English Languages
To get a glowing skin, its are is very important to have the knowledge about skin care tips. We have given these tips & tricks on this page both in Urdu and English languages. You can go through these top 25 skin care tips and tricks and we are completely sure that your skin will start to glow. We know that skin is the largest organ so far in the human body and it needs a lot of care at the same time. We hope that if you will follow these tips, your skin texture will show a much improvement:

Top 25 Skin Care Super Tips For Girls

1-You should avoid taking fast food, it is not at all healthy for your skin. These fast food items just damage the tone and texture of your skin and your skin get dull at the same time too.

2-You should stay away from the depression zone, this anxiety and depression just give you pimples and also acne.

3-If you want to make your skin all pimple free then you should drink a lot of water.

4-You should have eating broiler chicken, this chicken type has steroids in it and they just give you hair on your face.

5-You should have desi ghee and lots of fruits in your diet.

6-Your diet should be rich with the use of yogurt, lussi and milk.

7-To improve your skin tone and also texture, you should use the mask of Multani matti (Mud).

8-The use of lemon and cucumber is quite useful for your skin, you can even make a lemon mask and put cucumber on your face, your skin will really get fresh.

9-If you are going to apply gram flour and this chick pea flour which is besan flour on your face, then you will really start to glow.

10-You should never and ever use these skin whitening injections, these injections damage your kidneys.

11-You should avoid using these artificial facial masks, these artificial masks just damage your skin tone.

12-You can apply fruit masks on your face.

13-It is better if you will take bath on a regular basis, this habit will bring a glow on your face.

14-If you are going to massage your face with a olive oil, then an absolute glow will come right on your face.

15-You can have such a diet plan which is all packed with vitamin A.

16-Try not to make the use of these skin whitening creams, they are harsh for your skin.

17-Your makeup products should have a herbal content in them.

18-In your dinner and lunch menus, there should be seasonal fruits and vegetables and lots of intake of salads.

19-Avoid having sugar, instead people can have honey.

20-You can do yoga for about half hour and do pray five times a day.

21-If you have a skin problem then you should only be taking homeopathic medicines. We can suggest you best homeopathic medicine.

22-Instead of having tea or coffee, you can have a glass of milk.

23-You should not take any allopathic pills to make your complexion fair.

24-Have juices of fruits and improve your skin health.

25-Never smoke or take drugs as they damage your skin health. We have also given 2 very useful links for you about skin care tips on this page. Now you can read skin care tips in Urdu language given below this page.

Best Beauty Tips & Skin Care Tips in English and Urdu For Women

How To Take Care of Your Skin? Top 10 Skin Care Tips (Urdu-English)

Top 25 Skin Care Tips & Tricks For Women of All Ages (Urdu-English)

Top 25 Skin Care Tips & Tricks For Women of All Ages (Urdu-English)


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