Peptic Ulcer-Types, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment

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You should know that this peptic ulcer gets to actually develop right in the lining part of your stomach, it is one of the risky types of ulcers and you should not become the victim of it. Here is the information on this peptic ulcer that what are its causes, symptoms and treatment. It is also at the lining of your lower esophagus and at the lining of your small intestine that this ulcer start to take birth. It is because of the inflammation which is usually caused by this bacteria H that this ulcer start to rise in your body. It is too due to the erosion coming out from your stomach acids that this issue of ulcer arise in your body.

Stomach Ulcer Treatment

Types of Peptic Ulcer
First we have gastric ulcer type and it is usually developed inside your stomach. Then we have esophageal ulcer type and it is developed and formed inside your esophagus. Lastly we have duodenal ulcer type and it is formed right at the upper section of your small intestine.

Causes of Peptic Ulcer
There are a lot of large number of factors which play a role in giving birth to this peptic ulcer, it is because of helicobacter pylori which does an infection in your stomach, it is the bacteria type which damages your stomach. If you will do the frequent and often use of aspirin or if you will regularly take these inflammatory drugs then peptic ulcer will get into your body. All these factors are highly associated with this health issue.

It is also because of smoking and drinking alcohol, if you will go for the radiation therapy or if you have the issue of stomach cancer then this ulcer will also show its presence in your body.

Symptoms of Peptic Ulcer
Now we will talk about the symptoms of this peptic ulcer and here they are! You will feel one of the burning in form abdominal pain and this pain will also extend from the navel part right to your chest part. This abdominal pain can be mild in form or it can be severe in form. You might be waking up for the whole night.

You will notice few of the changes in your appetite, you will feel nausea. Then there will be bloody stools or dark stools, you will start getting weight loss and there will be indigestion issue at your end. You will feel chest pain and there will be lots of vomiting issue.

Treatment of Peptic Ulcer
It depends on the causes of your peptic ulcer and then your treatment will be started. You will be taking combination of medications and hopefully this ulcer can be treated. This medication span normally take the time of two weeks, you will be taking antibiotics too so that this infection can be killed in your body instantly.

There will be minor in form side effects which you will face while taking these medications and these are upset stomach. So cure these ulcer right now if it is present in your body.

Peptic Ulcer-Types, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment

Peptic Ulcer-Types, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment

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