Health Care Guide About Hepatitis A, B & C in Urdu & English Languages

Health Guide in Urdu & English About Hepatitis A, B & C
There are many types of hepatitis and among the common ones are hepatitis A, B and C. It is the inflammatory condition of your liver which is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. It is a viral infection and do you know that most of the deaths occur because of hepatitis, it is true! The treatment of this issue vary according to its types. Normally hepatitis C is one of the severe types and the dangerous for human health as well. Few of the types of hepatitis can be cured and treated by carrying out lifestyle precautionary measures.

Hepatitis Treatment in Pakistan

Types of Hepatitis
First we have hepatitis A type and it is an acute form of disease, it is the short term disease. It is due to HAV virus that this disease occur in your body. This virus is transmitted into your body when you will consume food or water of the infected hepatitis A person.

Then we have hepatitis B type and it is transmitted into you when you are going to have a physical contact with the infectious person. If there is a body fluid transmission, if there is a vaginal secretion or be it semen then you can also get this same disease.

The hepatitis C type is spread from one person to another person through the direct contact. It is through the sexual contact or through injecting drug use then this disease gets to enter into your body too.

We have also hepatitis D type and it is one of the serious liver diseases which is caused when you are going to have a direct contact with the infected blood. We have too hepatitis E type and it is a waterborne disease, if you are facing poor sanitation measures and there is a contaminated water supply then this virus will for sure enter in your body.

You might feel fatigue and flu kind of symptoms, then there will be the presence of dark urine and you will get pale stools. You will feel the loss of appetite all the time and the patient will feel abdominal pain most of the time. You will start experiencing weight loss, your eyes and also your skin will start getting yellow color.

To treat this hepatitis A type, you need to give complete rest to your body. As it will be a short term illness, so complete amount of rest is needed. There is also vaccine available for hepatitis A type and you can cure this infection beforehand.

To cure hepatitis B type, you need to take these antiviral medications. It is one of the costly treatments but you have to carry it out. It can take several months or several years to treat this hepatitis.
To treat hepatitis C, you will be going for antiviral drug therapies. You shall have to go for the liver transplant too if there occur scarring of liver. So far no vaccination is produced for hepatitis C type. Homeopathy can treat all kinds of hepatitis, for more details contact our panel of doctors.

Hepatitis C Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment in Urdu & English

Health Care Guide About Hepatitis A, B & C in Urdu & English Languages

Health Care Guide About Hepatitis A, B & C in Urdu & English Languages

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