Psychiatrist and Branches of Psychiatry

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist is different from a psychologist, who listens to the mental related and emotional problems but do no provide the treatment in clinic and provide brain related tests and activities to cure the person or persons suffering from mental illnesses, A psychiatrist is also a physician and a doctor who is good in determining the fact that the patient is merely suffering from a physical problem or is his condition is chronic or needs special clinical treatment.. The brain related and nervous system diseases are spreading in the world very rapidly in the modern times of confusion and chaos.

Psychology - Psychiatry

Psychiatrist and Branches of Psychiatry

How Psychiatrist Diagnose Brain Problems

Every body needs the help of psychiatrist these days due to the increased tension in personal and professional lives. The children as well as the middle aged and old people do suffer from very bad effects of negative thinking and develop physical diseases that demand psychiatric checkup and proper medication..A psychiatrist properly makes use of their skills , knowledge and medical science tools and tests to determine mental status of the patients, they take images of their brain to find out any electricity loss of functional disorders,they frequently use machines like MRI and CT scan and run various types of blood tests to find out the nature of brain disease,

The Branches of Psychiatry

There ar many sub branches of psychiatry, this is a vast field with a lot of specializations. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology is responsible in United States to certify the psychiatrist and they can specialize in many subjects like clinical neuropsychology, pain management, sleep medicine, brain injury medicine, emergency psychiatry, cross cultural psychiatry, biological psychiatry, global mental health and sports psychiatry to name a few. There could be countless factors affecting the brain of patients daily around the world,Psychiatrists help people from all age groups to regain their mental health and be able to live a fuller and successful life.

The problems of brain are very serious in nature sometimes and they overall affect the physical health of patients of all ages and sizes.The brain is a very important organ of the human body, it is terrible when the brain that controls the whole body does not function properly, this could lead to server consequences like permanent injuries , death and disabilities. The psychiatrists can be experts in their fields by obtaining a PHd degree from an accredited university and become very successful consultants in their fields or area of expertise.


There is a great scope of psychiatry and psychiatrists charge a heavy fee for their consultancy services and treatment around the world. It is a lucrative career for the most intelligent na hard working students, they can open their own clinics or hospitals and dedicate their lives towards the healing of mentally ill individuals who need their care and support.They can provide group consultation and one on one consultation based on the nature of disease in a patient.

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