Radiation Therapist: His Duties and Skills

The Radiation Therapist, Therapeutic Radiographer or Radiotherapist is an allied health professional who works in the field of radiation oncology. Radiation therapist is the useful and effective medical personnel for the patients of harmful diseases like cancer who administer the radiation process in the cancer patients in the advanced countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom and European countries.

Qualification of Radiation Therapist

A radiologist must possess a bachelor’s degree in his field of study in order to be able to practice his professional legally in these countries. They can further go ahead and obtain the master degree in radiology and then go through an extensive research for a PHd degree in their field according to desier. However in United States, it is not really desirable for a radiologist to have a bachelors degree minimum , they can also practice their profession with an associate degree and if desired they can further achieve a higher degree.

Responsibilities of Radio therapist

The role of radiologist is a vital one in saving lives of many serious patients in hospitals around the world.. A radiotherapist has to be proficient in the use of modern computer systems and software because a lot of their work and readings are computer based these days. They also use the latest equipment like the linear accelerators to diagnose the problems in their patients. Radiation therapists and well versed and very competent in their field of expertise usually, they graduate from the best universities and colleges in the world and can find employment in any country with their demonstrated skills and can have a successful career full of commitment and patient care.

The Duties of Radition Therapist

The duties of a radiation therapist do not end when the patients get better. They have to constantly think ways of patient care and make the decisions based on their radiation results whether this radiation therapy will be good for the future of patient of not. A lot of factors will have to be taken into account in order to arrive at a decision for the radiation therapist during their work. They are responsible individuals who have to present a final plan in the team of dosimetrists.


The radiation therapy is not a matter of few minutes of few days even, sometimes according to the nature of patient history and disease, the radiation therapists have to spend weeks and months on a same patient. They have to make sure that the radiation equipment is according to the quality standards internationally and they are also accountable for the accuracy of their treatment. There could be many side effects of radiation therapy on the patients, therefore the most vulnerable patients specially with the skin disorders are examined properly before the start of any such treatment. The highly skilled radiation therapists make no mistakes however, they are the vital members of the team which cures the cancer patients in a hospital.They play a key and vital indispensable role for the treatment of cancer patients, radiotherapy is used along with the surgical operations on the patient to cure them from the life-threatening disease like cancer.

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