Dr of Rehabilitation Science (DRS) Scope in Pakistan-Intro, Eligibility, Career & Jobs

Career Counseling on Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Science (DRS) in Pakistan, Introduction, Eligibility Criteria, Subjects & Jobs 
Have you heard about this DRS degree program, it is this doctor of rehabilitation science program and here we are going to explain all of the information on this program. This is the new and latest degree program which is introduced in the medical universities of Pakistan. Note that this is the undergraduate degree program and all of the FSc pre medical students can join this program. So if you does not get a chance to be in the BDS or MBBS degree programs, then there is an alternative option for you and you can study in this doctor of rehabilitation sciences program. This program is of five years span and after completing this degree span, you will get the title of a doctor.

Doctor (Dr)

Dr of Rehabilitation Science (DRS) Scope in Pakistan-Intro, Eligibility, Career & Jobs

Information on Doctor of Rehabilitation Science (DRS) Program
This doctor of rehabilitation sciences program, you can call it as the sub branch of physiotherapy or you can say physical therapy. You can understand this field and program in a way that when a person involves in an accident then he has to pass through the rehabilitation process. So the professionals of this field serve and treat these patients.

It is these DRS degree holders who help out the patients and affected victims to live a normal life if they ever face accidental situations in their lives. You can call these professionals counselors. On the basis of individual conditions, these professionals have to prescribe the complete treatment.

During the final recovery process of the patients, these DRS professionals have to work and co-ordinate with the orthopedic surgeons. They can even be suggesting the surgery options.

Who Can Enroll in Doctor of Rehabilitation Science (DRS)?
To enroll and be in this doctor of rehabilitation science program, you have to score 50% marks in your FSc pre medical exams and you need to clear all of the ten semesters of this program once you will be enrolled in it. Ad this degree is of 5 years duration and you should also note down that Imperial college in Pakistan has introduced this program for the very first time.

Job Options for the Students Doctor of Rehabilitation Science (DRS) Program
You can work in the general or in the government hospitals. Then the individuals who have this doctor of rehabilitation sciences degree, they can serve in the special children schools or in health and fitness clubs.

In the education sector, then in the private rehabilitation centers, there is a lot of scope for you. You can have job in the gym and training centers, in the sports club. In most of the Western countries, these professionals are in great demand by the old age homes, orphanage homes.

Let us know if you are interested in studying this doctor of rehabilitation science program! You can keep tuned with us and info on such kind of doctoral level degree programs will be shared with you.

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