Study Abroad & Scholarships 2019 Guide For MBBS & BDS in China

Complete Urdu and English Study Abroad & Scholarships Guide For BDS & MBBS in China
Do you want to do your MBBS studies or your BDS studies from China? If yes then here is the complete information for you. Here you can look at the study abroad and scholarship guide for these MBBS, BDS programs which are taught and offered in China. These Chinese medical universities, they do offer many of the scholarship opportunities to the students of Pakistan.

Study Abroad Guide for BDS & MBBS  in China
To study in these universities, you have to keep in mind that books belonging to the international authors, they are not that much easily available in the market. So while you will be in Pakistan, make sure that you collect maximum number of MBBS books so that you many not face any tough time during your studies in China.

In China, we have seen that it is quite easy for the Pakistani student to call his parents for the visit, you will not face any difficulty to approve the visa process for your parents.

Keep in mind that separate hostels are usually not available for girls and boys in China, on the other hand, there are some separate entry points and separate number of floors for both of these genders.

Other Important Points Regarding Study Abroad Guide for MBBS & BDS in China
When it comes to the law and order situation, then it is quite better and improved in China as compared to the state of law and order in the other Western countries. You will not feel any sense of insecurity and all girls as well, they can freely walk and roam around in the markets.

You will be granted visa for multiple number of times in one year, that means you can go to your homeland and you can visit your family to Pakistan for as many times you can.

The semester system is followed in these Chinese medical and dental universities, it means that your spring semester will start in the month of February and your fall semester shall start right in the month of September. In between your two semesters, you shall be given break of one month. For the exam preparation, you will get holidays for one week so that you can do well and complete preparation of your exams.

If you are going to violate and break any of the university rule, then there are chances that your visa can get canceled.

Scholarship Guide for MBBS & BDS in China
Your age should not be less than 25 years and in your aptitude test, your score should be up to 50%. You have to be the national citizen of Pakistan. By getting this scholarship, your medical expenses will be covered, tuition fees and lab fees, your all costs of books and other expenses will be covered too.

So far the China Medical University, Shenyang Medical college, they are offering scholarship opportunities for all Pakistani students. Read our folBS lowing related article and Urdu article on BDS & MBBS in China.

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Study Abroad & Scholarships 2019 Guide For MBBS & BDS in China



Study Abroad & Scholarships 2019 Guide For MBBS & BDS in China

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