UHS Lahore MDCAT Entry Test 2018 Paper Attempting Tips & Guidelines

University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore MDCAT Entry Test MCQS Paper Attempting Guide & Smart Tips 2018
Are you looking for UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test paper attempting guide 2018? If yes then this source will give you the whole details of this attempting guide which is attached to the proceedings of this MDCAT entry test. This test is taken by UHS University of health sciences Lahore and this time as well and in the coming days, this medical entry test MDCAT entry test 2018 shall be taken by the same authority. There are rules and guidelines to attempt and solve this test. Below are the important guidelines for you, check out and read all of them:

Tips on UHS Lahore MDCAT Paper Attempting Guide 2018
Right on the MDCAT entry test day, you should bring all compulsory documents with you. Reach to the test center and do not get late. Before attempting this test, there are rules and instructions which you have to follow it.

As you will get the response form, so carefully add your name and roll number of that response form. Do count the pages of your question paper, if there are any pages missing in your question paper then you should right away inform the invigilator. If you are going to inform after 30 minutes then your request will not be accepted and entertained.

Almost every single student know that how the response form look like, so make sure that you practice the way of filling this response form at your home. Many students fail to correctly fill the circles, practice this at your home so that you can smoothly fill the circles on the test day.

The question paper ID code is available and there on the first page of your question paper, it is there printed on it. On the header and footer sides of the rest of your question paper pages, you have to add this code.

It is marked compulsory that you can only used the blue ball point and not the other kind of colored pen for marking your responses. Just the single circle can be filled for every single question.
You should not be marking your questions on the question paper The correct response for every single answer will give you 5 marks and the incorrect response will give you the deduction of 1 mark, if any question will remain to be unanswered by you then no deduction will be made.

Once the examiner is going to ask you to stop writing then you should do that and you have to carefully detach the lower carbonized sheet so that you can take it at your home. You should remain to sit on your seats until and unless the examiner collect the response forms from you.

For the purpose of rough work, you can use the last sheet of your question as it is the blank sheet and made for this sole purpose only.
Good luck for this UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test 2018.

UHS Lahore MDCAT Entry Test 2018 Paper Attempting Tips & Guidelines


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