Top 10 Mind Power & Memory Improvement Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Mind Power Tips & Memory Tips & Tricks For All
Do you want to make your mind to become powerfully stronger enough, here are the tips for you. It is important for all people to be mentally strong and powerful in terms of memory. If you are mentally weak with respect to your memory part then you cannot get success in your life. Here you can follow and try these memory booster and mind power tips and suggestions.

1. Believe in Yourself
You need to be confident enough that you have a great memory. You should believe in yourself, do not get this belief in your head that you have a weak memory. You should try to put up the efforts to improve your memory. It is you who will make these real efforts.

2. Playing Brain Games
You should be playing these brain games on a higher note rather than playing these ordinary in form video games. These video games will infact weak the power and capacity of your memory. On the other hand, brain games will give a real boost to your memory.

3. Sharing Your Knowledge
You need to try to share every single piece of knowledge and information with other people, in this way you will be able to remember that thing or piece of information for a long time.

4. Eat Dry Fruits
Do you know that almost all of the dry fruits are memory boosters, you need to consume them regularly so that your memory can remain to boost enough on a regular basis.

5. Have Seasonal Fruits
Make it must for you to have all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. These fruits and vegetables which come on the seasonal basis, they will put a great and positive effect on your health and also on your brain.

6. Give Self Suggestions to Yourself
You need to give self suggestions to yourself that your memory is growing and improving day by day. This technique will emboss self confidence in you. Just take the ten minutes out and do this self suggestion therapy with you.

7. Visualize Yourself That You Are Doing Well
You have to visualize yourself in a situation that you are doing well. Do not think negative and just keep on assuming on a positive note that your memory is being boosted.

8. Taking Balanced Diet
You have to take balanced diet and make sure that you say and offer your prayers. You have to pray with devotion and spend maximum time in Sajdha.

9. Using Link Methods
You can make use of the link methods to remember things, this is an easy method if you think that your memory is weak.

10. Taking Part in All Quiz Competitions
You should be taking part in any sort of quiz competition so that your potential to remember things can get increased, Try to remain active at school and college and get part in the quiz competitions on a regular basis. Last but not least contact for prescription of best homeopathic memory booster medicines. Now read mind power article in Urdu language.

Top 10 Mind Power & Memory Improvement Tips in Urdu & English

Top 10 Mind Power & Memory Improvement Tips in Urdu & English


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