Top 25 Tips For Treatment of Acne & Pimples at Young Age

Health Tips & Tricks For Treatment of Acne & PimplesĀ 
girls that they get acne and pimples when they reach to their teenage, so how can you get rid of this acne issue, we will tell you! Here you can have a look at the top 25 tips and these tips and suggestions will tell you the remedies and solutions of dealing with acne and pimples issue:

1. You need to protect your face beauty, it is your face which needs utmost care. You should not ignore this body part of yours and take as much care of it as you can!

2. You should be using neem soaps, as these soaps will remove out the excess oil from your face.

3. It is must for you that before you go to bed, you should be washing your face.

4. You should be taking face steam after every time gap of three to four days, this procedure will open up your face pores and will also clean them up at the same time.

5. Do you know that multani mitti application gives one of the best results to the girls who have acne and pimples on their faces, it is true!

6. You can make a natural in form herbal mixture, just wash your face with this herbal mixture on a daily basis.

7. You can also be using olive oil and honey on your face.

8. You should not eat spicy foods, these foods will just give lots of acne and pimples and nothing at all!

9.You can have boiled vegetables on every single day.

10. You have to take bath on the daily basis, be it the winter time or the summer time, it is important for you to remove and eradicate excess oil from your face and this can happen if you will take a regular bath.

Top 25 Tips For Treatment of Acne & Pimples at Young Age

Top 25 Tips For Treatment of Acne & Pimples at Young Age

11. If you are going to eat junk foods then note that the intensity of your acne problem will get increased.

12. Try not to use these chemical face creams , these creams will just make your acne problem more of a severe one!

13. You should not do heavy makeup on your face.

14. It is because of oil presence that you get acne on your face so make sure that oil does not remain to present on your face.

15. Make a mixture of rose water and cucumber juice and wash your face with it.

16. You should eat lots of fruits and salads as this tip will keep you away of having acne.

17. Avoid having sweet food on an excessive note.

18. Do not have chocolates or consume cola drinks, this is a recommended tip and this suggestion will for sure clean your face which is filled with pimples and lots of acne.

19. Try not to consume fried foods.

20. You should say no to the use of steroid creams.

21. You need to use water based makeup products and avoid using any of the oil based makeup products.

22. Remain to think on the positive note and stay happy.

23. Yu can make a paste and mixture of honey and curd and apply that on your face.

24. You should be drinking 8 glasses of water on the daily basis.

25. You should not use any of the substandard makeup items.

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