Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Research

Veterinary Medicine Defined

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. The veterinary medicine does not cover only one species of animals or some specific animals that are found under the ground or water, it deals with a wider scope of all the species of animals found on the planet earth including the beasts and the innocent mammals. It covers the health, diagnosis and treatment of all the wild life and domestic creatures that are suffering from any ilness of disease.

The Need For Veterinary Surgeon and Medicine

Veterinary medicine and practice is very common in advanced countries of the world like United States, Australia, Newzealand, United Kingdom, European countries and Brazil. People love having animals in their homes so they need constant care and prevention from disease. Animals are sensitive creatures who need to be taken care of like the children, pets love their owners and even sleep with them in the night. Examples of cats, horses, fish, mice, dogs and chicken are found in every country these days. When these innocent creatures need medical attention due to any health emergency or malnutrition, they are taken care of by the veterinary surgeons who operate in the country with a licence and qualifications.

Veterinary Education and History

Animals are known to be contageous, that means they can easily transform the disease from themselves to their owners and children living in the house who are addicted to them can easily catch the disease.The medical research shows that keeping pets affect the mental health of the entire family. The history of veterinary medicine is very old, It stated in the old days of Egypt in the 1900 BCEwhen the horses needed to take care in the wars. The very first veterinary college was found in the city of Lyon in 1762. In United states however, the profession and regular education of veterinary medicine started in the 19th century in Boston and New York city.

Duties of Veterinary Physicians

Vetrinary care team is normally lead by a leader who is called their team lead. He or she can be a qualified veterinary physician which is called vet in the formal language. They perform various treatments on the animals and make use of veterinary medicine to cure the animals. They can help animals anywhere , anytime like the sick animals of Zoo, livestock and dairy animals, they perform surgery on them and take care of their skin with dermatology knowledge.

The professional ethics count a lot in the profession of veterinary medicine. The team consist of many veterinary nurses, veterinary technicians , veterinary assistants and veterinary surgeons who work together according to their skills and qualifications for performing major surgeries of minor surgeries on the animals. There is a lot of research going on lately in the advanced countries on the veterinary medicine which finds out the answers to effective prevention, control , diagnosis and animal disease treatment. However still this profession is far behind the medical science that deals with the human treatment and cure. A lot needs to be done for making the lives of animals secure and healthy in the field of veterinary medicine in the future.


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