Vision Sciences and its Scope

Vision Sciences

These programs cover all the aspects of the Vision Sciences over a period of 4 years. Vision science basically involved the study of scientific behaviours and details of vision. The vision is related to the eye and eyesight, it does not only reflect all the sources of information on vision in humans only, but vision science aldo describe the vision in animals  and  microorganisms invisible to naked eye. Vision science overlaps with other branches of vision like Opthalmology, optometry and neuro science. Ii is also related to branches like Physiology, ecology and computer science as well. It touches the vital indispensable areas of science like data visualization  and various scientific journal are publishing numerous information regularly on the vision science.


Vision Journals Worldwide

There are many famous scientific journals which publish and spread useful information about the vision science. Some of them are Journal of Vision, Vision research, Perception and i-perception, spatial vision, Journal of Optical Society of America and Optometry and Vision Science to name a few of them. These journals of vision online provide an easy, worldwide, instant and latest access to the online scientific journals . These journals can contain information about fields like neuroscience, psychology and visual systems for example. A lot of research going on in the field of vision sciences is published in these journals.

These journals are free to access, for example, journal of vision is free and accessible on the internet to all the students and professionals dealing with the vision sciences around the world since 2001.

Scope and Career of Vision Sciences

Vision science is a very good option for the bright individuals who want to dedicate their lives to improving the vision capabilities of patients around the world. In advanced countries, countless opportunities surround a vision science specialist when they graduate from an accredited institution. Even in Pakistan, vision science is a wise career option for the young individuals who have completed their college degree in pre-medical and they can specialize in this profession later on with higher studies. The can obtain graduate degrees form various institutions in Pakistan and aboard to get quality education and serve the nations with their skills in this field.

When a student completes his or her MBBS in Pakistan, they can go ahead and apply for a specialization in the field of vision sciences. They can become eye specialists after completing a professional degree and can also serve the nation as vision scientists in the future. They can be physicians as well as able to perform the surgery on the eyes. From the perspective of job and career opportunities in Pakistan, the vision specialist  can have many chances to make a bright future. They can earn a BS degree in Pakistan also because some universities are now offering a BS degree in vision sciences in Pakistan also.

However the graduates of vision sciences are not really able to practice like general physicians,  but they can use their technical skills in vision technology to assist the Ophthalmologists and can diagnose eye related problems like squints in the eyes, investigate the eye sight and suggest remedies and medicine to the patients.

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