Why Homeopathy is the Best Method of Treatment?

Miracles of Homeopathy-Why Its The Best Method of Treatment?
Homeopathy is relatively new method of treatment as its just about 200 years old. Still its the best method of treatment in the world as it has no side effects. Cure rate in homeopathy is more than allopathic and herbal treatment. Homeopathic   medicines show magical results in psychological and mental diseases. Children can easily take homeopathic medicine as majority of them consist of sweet tablets. Its only effective method of treatment in chronic diseases like diabetics, blood pressure, piles, hepatitis, TB, arthritis, asthma, cancer, allergy, osteoporosis, obesity, heart diseases, stones in gall bladder and  kidney, women diseases, men diseases and many more. Homoeopathy is effective in emergency and acute diseases too. People who have experienced the miracles of this treatment, never rely on any other pathy. Electro-homeopathy and Biochemic method of treatment are two sub branches of homeopathy. Boichemic has been recognized by homeopathy and now it has become its part.


Why Homeopathy is the Best Method of Treatment?

Homeopathy has become a recognized method of treatment in many countries of  the world. Allopathic pharmacy companies are involved in a great conspiracy against homoeopathy and they are funding fake researches in universities to prove that homeopathy is a wrong and unscientific. An Australian University has recently released a biased report against homoeopathy and UK is also planning to impose a ban on this useful method of treatment. In fact pharmaceutical racket is on the back of all these steps. Profit of these companies  has reduced a lot in many countries of the world just because of popularity of Homeopathy as it has affected the sales of so-called  modern medicines. You will never listen the news that any homoepathic medicine has been proved dangerous for human health.

In homoeopathy likes are cure by likes, it means low potency medicine can cure a disease which is caused by its crude form. Its a Islamic method of treatment too as a hadith of Holy Prophet (SAAW) is in this favor. People with weak resistance power can rely on homeopathy like pregnant women, old people, patients of chronic diseases and children. Patients are given low potency medicines, which have very limited  amount of pure medicine. that’s why chances of side effects are very rare. In-spite of diseases focus is given on whole human body. We cure patients rather than patients. We take the human body as an single unit. We just try to empower your resistance or vital power and remaining job is done by it. No patient is considered is incurable in homeopathy. Little aggravation in symptoms is possible but its a guaranty of right prescription. We believe that just by removing symptoms any disease can be cured. Modern pharmacist either can not understand this phenomenon or they do not want to understand this theory. Its just because of dirty money game. Nobody is ready to do an organized, scientific and impartial  joint research on effects of homeopathic medicines with qualified homeopathy physicians.

We shall Inshaa Allah prove that no other method of treatment can even think to compete homoeopahty as its a 100% natural and scientific method of curing diseases. You can make fool 10000,2000,people but not millions of people around the world. Clinical research in this  field is still continue but Pharmaceutical mafia is the biggest hurdle in scientific research on homeopathy as they know from the core of their hearts that its not possible for them to defeat homoeopathy in an open contest. Future is ours and we shall provide cheap health-care facilities to all the patients of world in near future. You must try at least one the effects of homeopathy.  We assure you that after that you will become its die heart fan.

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