How to Increase Height? Top Ten Tips

How to Increase Height Quickly & Naturally? Top Ten Super Tips 
Height is considered as a sign of great personality. No matter you are a young boy, a girl height is considered important by everyone. To impress the people and to look impressive everyone thinks of having a good height. It is a phenomenon that depends on your genetics, your parents’ height and also how healthy you are. The boys generally grow till the age of 26 years, while for girls this growing age is 20. If you want to increase your height in this age it is better to check for some activities. If you are a height conscious individual start changing your habits and start doing the following in your life:

How to Increase Height? Top Ten Tips

How to Increase Height? Top Ten Tips

Top 10 Tips About How To Increase Height
1-Get a two feet long piece of wood with a circumference almost equal to that of a tennis ball. In your free time stand firmly on the round log and move back and forth. This exercise can be done any time in the day for thirty minutes to one hour. This is a highly stimulant form of exercise that can help you increase your height to a considerable level.

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2-Swimming is highly recommended for those looking for an increase in height. Instead of putting yourself into the complexities of swimming, it is better to start with the free style form of swimming. The health experts recommend thrice a week swimming session to increase your height.

3-Breakfast should never be avoided, but one must come out of the perception that a heavy breakfast comprising of oil fried bread or a lump of butter can improve your health and support your growth process. Desirable results can be achieved by taking light diet in the morning. A cooked sweetened mixture of sago and milk in the morning is an energetic and healthy source to boost your metabolism leading to increased height.

4-Turmeric is a great health stimulant. Turmeric can be used as a height booster. Take one cup of milk mixed with one pint of turmeric before going to bed at night.

5-Boil and mash half kilo pumpkin. Add two teaspoons of honey and a small piece of sugar crystal. Enjoy this yummy delight in your breakfast to increase your height.

6-A table spoon full of the syrup with garlic is also a great height increasing stimulant.

7-Food supplements rich in vitamins, proteins and fibre have great role to play in your height boosting.
Being tall is not the only sign of impressive personality. A balance in the height and weight is necessary. The ratio of weight and height is known as BMI or body mass index. The formula to determine BMI is given as:
Weight in kilograms/height in meters

8-Adopt a healthy lifestyle with daily regular exercise and balanced diet.

9-Change the programming of your mind towards this issue. You must have firm believe that height can be increased and you are capable to do it.

10-Eat fig, pure honey, dates, fish, dairy products, meat and specially all seasonal and regional fruits & vegetables.

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