All You Need To Know About Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD

Career Counseling About Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD in Pakistan
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What You Will Learn in Livestock Assistant Diploma?
The livestock assistant diploma is designed to help you get a job as a livestock assistant. It will also give you the skills you need to succeed as a livestock assistant in Pakistan. It will teach you everything you need to know about livestock management. You’ll learn to work with cattle, sheep, dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, rabbits and poultry.


Scope of Livestock Programs in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Degrees, Benefits & Tips

All You Need To Know About Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD


The course includes practical classroom sessions, online videos and readings, and assignments. Each lesson will take you through a topic step-by-step, providing plenty of practice.

This course will teach you about:

• Cattle

• Sheep

• Poultry

• Swine

• Horses

• Poultry

• Dogs

• Ducks

• Rabbits

• Goats


Livestock Assistant diploma is a program to provide livestock assistants with the knowledge and skills to work with animals in agricultural settings. This diploma is aimed to prepare the participants for jobs in the livestock industry. The curriculum and coursework in this program are offered through many universities in Pakistan. There are two main modules in the course: Animal Husbandry and Agriculture and Animal Management. The course is a full-time program with a duration of 2 years.



Job Options
Livestock assistant is a new job that has been gaining popularity in recent years because of the increased demand for different kind of animal farms. Livestock assistants are typically hired through farms and ranches that want to hire additional help. Some of the most common jobs for livestock assistants include: taking care of farm animals and working with DVM doctor as veterinarian or medical assistant. Farm laborers often work alongside other farm hands on a farm. However, some livestock assistants work on their own. This job description is a great opportunity for someone who is willing to put in hard work and be a part of a growing industry.



Those in the field often work in a large ranching or farming operation, but many also work in feed stores, horse stables, veterinary clinics, livestock auctions, or any other place that deals with livestock.



Livestock assistants often work with animals at a clinic. Some livestock assistants work full-time at a vet’s office. Others choose to work part-time at a local clinic while working at their day job or starting a side business at home. Livestock assistants may work with dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, exotic animals, or birds. Many livestock assistants work long hours; others are available to work evenings and weekends.



Duties of Livestock Diploma Holders
One of the most important jobs of a livestock assistant is ensuring that the animals have sufficient water and proper nutrition. This includes monitoring the water quality and ensuring the animals have the proper amounts of feed and bedding. Other duties include helping with feeding and cleaning up after the animals and monitoring their overall health. They may help administer medications, draw blood samples, and perform basic physical exams. They also help with surgery, operating procedures, and providing general support to the practice.


Scope of Livestock Programs in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Degrees, Benefits & Tips


Qualities Required
A livestock assistant has an opportunity to develop relationships with clients over long periods of time. This position can require the ability to interact with people and animals and possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal. As a livestock assistant diploma holder you need to also have good people skills and good technical skills.








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