Anaesthetic Technician

An anesthesia technician is a healthcare professional who helps the medical professionals like  doctors and surgeons in performing anesthesia. Anesthesia is to be performed daily in the hospitals and clinics by the administration and medical officers worldwide, the anesthesia technician possesses a good knowledge of the technology used in the process of anesthesia. He or she also has to be much familiarized with the instruments as well used for anesthesia.

Where Are They Employed?

The anesthesia departments in the hospitals employ the people who have good skills as anesthesia technicians. They are mainly put to work in the operation theaters and the emergency wards like the Intensive care  unit ICU.


What are their Role and Responsibilities?

The role and responsibilities of an anesthesia technician are very important from the religious and health perspective of patients in any medical organization. Because in a multicultural environment, there are patients of anesthesia who belong to the different backgrounds and different religions. Each has their own moral values, therefore in order to perform anesthesia, the technician has to take into the account all these values and respect theirs believes. For example, in Islam, the women patients can not reveal much body parts to the male technicians, therefore they need a female technician in order to respect their religious values.Anaesthetic technician must obey the rules of their superiors during the duty.

When the anesthesia is about to be performed, the responsibility of an anesthesia technician is to safely prepare the equipment and get it ready to perform the required treatment. The anesthesia machine in the hospital is also their responsibility. But this is not the only device that they have to maintain, they have to prepare additional equipment for the use of administration. They have to carefully examine and re-arrange those machines in the hospitals.

Anesthesia technician male or female has to have a pleasant personality and a cool mind, they must be able to talk to a patient about their questions  about the treatment and the doubts. They must possess good communication skills and a good understanding of patient’s personality. After the treatment, anesthesia technician has to perform their duty to assess the condition or health of the patient. Even during the treatment, if the patient changes his position in a way that it is inappropriate or uncomfortable for them, they must warn and guide the patients about the possible harmful affects of their movement during anesthesia. They also remove and attach drips to the patient’s body.

Anesthesia technicians are also responsible for taking the blood samples from the body of the patients for various tests and laboratory purposes. They inject the patients safely and smoothly with soft skills and take the fluids out of spines and veins.  When the patient regains consciousness, their duty is to  help them wake up and finally transferring them into their room or a medical ward they were admitted to.

They have to make sure that the vital signs of the patients are clear, but they also have to take care of their health first in order to take care of their patients. Each day an anesthesia technician has to undergo a lot of pressure and face many situations with patients, they have to have a strong heart and sound mind to do their job well.

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