Applied Microbiology and Its Scope in Pakistan

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology focusses on prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells, relevant enzymes and proteins. It also deals with the problems and subjects like the applied genetics, and molecular biotechnology.There is a lot of recent research going on in the world about the applied microbiology and many educational journals are publishing new and useful articles on this subject. This discipline of study deals with the study of micro-organisms and enhances your knowledge about the microscopic beings.The applied microbiology has vast application and can be used extensively in the fields like agriculture, irrigation, medicine and food to name a few


Uses of Microbiology in the Industry

Applied Microbiology is a subject that has a vast implementation. The career and scope of this field of study is bright , there are a lot of industries which can benefit from this knowledge. Industrial biology is another branch of microbiology which involves the screening and improvement of microorganisms. These microorganisms are being exploited in a good way and their management is done in a professional way in industrial microbiology. The purpose of industrial microbiology is to use the microorganisms for producing the various kinds of useful products that can be produced on a large scale.

In applied microbiology, the pathogens and pathogenic microbes are basically studied in deeper level.There are many benefits of microbiology because it helps in various ways to make lives of humans better and easier. Microbes are normally associated with many serious illnesses in human body, but if they can be used in a proper way applying the rules of microbiology, then they can be a blessing for the human beings. That is the reason the applied microbiology has immense potential and an incredible future for is students.

Sub Branches of Microbiology

Microorganisms are unicellular organisms, which means they usually have a single cell,bacteria and virus are the most popular examples of microorganisms. It is not possible to see them with the naked eye , therefore they can be only seen with the help of a microscope. Viruses are of many kinds and they can be very simple microbes or can be very complicated creatures too. Viruses are constantly being examined by the professionally qualified scientists called virologists.. The other branches of Microbiology can also be classified into different names like Bacteriology, mycology, protozoology, immunology, virology and nematology to name a few. The relationship of microorganisms wit their environment is very important factor in their growth and birth,that is also a branch of microbiology that is known as Microbial Ecology.

The scope and benefits of microbiology


The microbes are very harmful if they enter our bodies, but they can be used in a positive sense in the industrial microbiology to make various antibiotic medicines, and  they can be used in the production of vinegar and alcohol. Scientists who are skilled in microbiology are able to exploit the microbes very well and enjoy a great career. Even in Pakistan, the scope of Microbiology will always be bright and career opportunities are always good for successful graduates. University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences Lahore is the best and oldest institution to get a bachelor degree in Microbiology and start w wonderful career.



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