Health Benefits & Uses of Rose Water (Arq e Gulab) Urdu-English

Amazing Health Benefits & Uses of Rose Water or Arq Gulab in Urdu & English Languages
Rose water gives so many benefits which your skin can experience! All the dermatologists, they recommend the highest use of this arqe gulab. The history of this ingredient is quite old. It is using this skin ingredient that you get into the position to maintain the pH level of your skin up to 5.5. It removes the excess oil from your face, makes it to glow and also remove all dark spots and other blemishes from your face. You can use it as a makeup setting spray, as a hair setting spray, as a moisturizer as well. It has anti inflammatory properties and it is this single quality which makes this skin product so popular. All skin types can use it. Especially in the winters, your skin looks dry and rough so the use of rose water is highly recommended. It hydrates your skin a lot during cold season time. If your skin is extremely oily or you have lots of open pores on your face and you want to minimize them then this arq e gulab can be applied by you.

Rose Water Contains Anti Acne Properties
This roses water has in it 100% anti acne properties. If you often get acne and there are left over acne marks and scars on your face then make sure to apply this arq e gulab on your face. You wash your face too with it. This is a great product which can give you acne free skin.

Rose Water Is a Great Moisturizer
For winter times, this product can well moisturize your skin. For dull looking skin, this is an excellent product. All dry patches on your face will be removed and it will look fresh.

Rose Water Removes Dark Circles
If your eyes look tired, then you can make them to look fresh looking by taking a cotton ball, apply arq e gulab on it and put it on your eyes. After 15 to 20 minutes, your eyes will no longer look tired.

Rose Water Gives Soft Hands
While washing the utensils and cutlery, our hands look quite dull and rough. What you can do is to make a mixture of rose water, lemon juice and glycerine and apply this mixture on your hands.

Roses Water Gives a Glowing Skin
This skin ingredient is packed with vitamin B3, vitamin C, D, E content, your skin will start to all glow if you will regularly apply this product on your face.

Rose Water Cures Dandruff
If you often get dandruff problem then start using this hair care product. Use it as a conditioner and you will see that your hair roots will become stronger and no longer dandruff will remain present on them.

Rose Water Is Anti Depressant
Lastly, this product really lift up your mood, it carries anti depressant properties. If you are tired and spray some rose water on yourself and in your room and feel fresh.

It is the time to start using arq e gulab and enjoy all of its benefits.

Health Benefits & Uses of Rose Water (Arq e Gulab) Urdu-English

Health Benefits & Uses of Rose Water (Arq e Gulab) Urdu-English

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