Heart Disease, Causes, Preventions, Symptoms & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Complete Health Guide on Heart Disease, Causes, Precautions, Tips, Symptoms & Treatment in Urdu & English Languages
Heart disease comes in the category of range of conditions which usually affect your heart. Right under the category of these heart disease, this mainly includes blood vessel diseases, like you may get involved into coronary artery disease or into some heart rhythm problems which is also named as arrhythmias. You face and become the victim of heart defects, on a medical term, this disease is called as (congenital heart defects.

Heart Disease Treatment

Heart Disease Symptoms
If there is a heart disease present in your blood vessels which is known as atherosclerotic disease then its symptoms are different and vary for men and women. Among men, they get chest pain and in the women, they face a chest discomfort like they often experience shortness of breath and nausea as well as extreme fatigue. You will feel a chest pressure, pain and numbness. The person is going to feel and notice weakness, coldness in their legs.
The heart disease symptoms which are caused right by abnormal heartbeats, too known as heart arrhythmias, their main signs are that your heart is going to beat up quite quickly or on the other hand, it will beat up extremely slowly. There will fluttering jolt in your chest, you will get a racing heartbeat termed as tachycardia.

The person shall experience slow heartbeat which is termed and called as bradycardia. You will feel dizziness or fainting.
Then the heart disease symptoms which are usually caused by the weak heart muscle, their important warning signs are, you will experience breathlessness, swelling in your legs and feet. fatigue and irregular heartbeats.

Heart Disease Causes
Note that atherosclerosis is one of the most common causes of any of the cardiovascular disease. It is because of the correctable problems, like that of unhealthy diet and because of the lack of exercise that you face this issue. If you are overweight and involved in the habit of smoking, then you shall get cardiovascular disease.
It is due to the coronary artery disease and high blood pressure, it is due to diabetes and smoking that people face and become the easy target of this disease. If you are into the excessive use of alcohol, caffeine, if you are a dug abuse person or take stress, then this health issue will attack on you.

The causes of valvular heart disease are many in numbers, if the person gets rheumatic fever or any infections, if he is facing connective tissue disorders, then heart disease will sure attack on you.

You have to quit smoking and control and try to make better your health conditions. Try to maintain your high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, diabetes level. You should do exercise for 30 minutes in a day and try to have meals which are low in salt content and comprise saturated fats.

You have to maintain and keep up a healthy weight. You can become a heart disease free person if you know how to manage stress.
It is the time so stay away from all heart diseases!

Miracles of Homeopathy in Heart DiseaseĀ 
Homeopathy can help you in heart disease too. You may also avoid bypass and even open heart surgery with the help of effective homeopathic medicines. For consultation contact our team of homeopathic doctors. Now read detailed heart care guide and best health tips in Urdu and English languages. Stay healthy always.

How To Take Care of Your Heart? Heart Health Tips in Urdu & English

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Heart Disease, Causes, Preventions, Symptoms & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Heart Disease, Causes, Preventions, Symptoms & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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