How To Get Rid of Cough, Cold & Flu? Home Remedies & Tips (Urdu-English)

Top Ten Health Tips For Relief in Cough, Cold & Flu-Natural Remedies
There are many home remedies which you can use in order to get rid from cough, cold and flu times. These tips can be applied on kids and adults. All are great ways to cure your cough and flu problems. Right now is the season and time when we see every single person packed with these common viral health problems. Instead of taking strong medicines and tablets, you can cure and treat these problems on your own:

Take Steam
If you are having cold and flu, then it is best for you to take steam. Such a remedy will open your close nostrils, close nose, your breathing will become better and you will fee relaxed. So whenever you are catch up with flu and cold problem, always get a steam for ten to fifteen minutes.

Have Honey And Lemon Drink
The affected people can make a simple drink, take a warm glass of water, add honey and lemon into and have it. This will give you an instant cure and your cough problem will be relieved.

Have Tea Made of Cinnamon ( Daar Cheeni )
This is the special tea which you can make if you are having flu and cough issues. Take cinnamon which is also called dar cheeni and make a tea of it without adding milk into it. Take a hot sip of this tea and feel a lot of relief.

Have Garlic With Honey
This is another remedy which you can follow! Smash some garlic and eat it by adding honey in it. You will get a quick cure for sure.

Tea Made of Ginger, Honey And Tulsi
The other tea which you can make is by adding honey, ginger and tulsi. This is a recommended tea from the doctors side and all people who get often flu and cough problems, they should regularly consume this tea.

Ways to Get Rid of Cough, Cold & Flu for Kids
Below are the home remedies which are especially made for the kids who often get these common seasonal viral health problems:

Garlic And Ajwain (Carrom Seeds) Use
Take some garlic and ajwain (Carrom Seeds), heat them up and add the heat up mixture in a piece of cloth. Knot it down and place it near to your kid where he often sleep. Such a remedy will reduce the coldness in your kid.

Ginger And Honey Usage
Take one tea spoon of honey, add some smashed ginger on it and have it with a warm glass of water. This a great tip for kids especially. It is not recommended to give heavy dose of medicines to your kids. You can use this remedy on them.

Making Home Made Cough Syrup
Parents can make a home made syrup for their kids, it is made by using ginger, tulsi, alaichi, black pepper. Add water and heat up the whole mixture. Let it cool down and give one tea spoon of it to your kid.

Start taking care of your health and follow these tips if you ever catch cold, flu.

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How To Get Rid of Cough, Cold & Flu? Home Remedies & Tips (Urdu-English)

How To Get Rid of Cough, Cold & Flu? Home Remedies & Tips (Urdu-English)

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