Homeopathic Treatment of Constipation, Tips, Top 10 Homoeopathic Medicines

Top Ten Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Constipation with Tips in Urdu & English
It would not be wrong to say that constipation is the mother of all diseases. It is not just affecting your health but it brings a certain effect on your dieting routine and daily schedule as well. According to the recent medical health reports, due to the consumption of fast food items the chances of facing the constipation gets so much increased. This will initially be giving a rise to so many more health conditions as well in which we have joint pain, high blood pressure, cancer and so many more.


How Constipation Take Place?
Normally the chances of facing the health condition of constipation gets so much high in the summer season which will increase the chances of dehydration as well. Constipation takes place while someone has problem emptying the large bowel. Home remedies and lifestyle adjustments can frequently assist to solve it, but from time to time, it could need medical interest.


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Constipation can occur due to different reasons as, including while stool passes all through the area colon too slowly. Hence slower the meals movements through the digestive tract, the extra water the colon will absorb and the more difficult the feces becomes. Someone who poops fewer than 3 times in line with week may additionally have constipation. In this case, someone will need urgent medical attention. At other instances, it can genuinely be because of a lack of fiber or water.


Causes of Constipation
In America and Europe, the emergence rate of Constipation has been so much high because normally the people buy the food items which are taken from the bakery places or restaurants.


People with a high consumption of nutritional fiber are less possibly to revel in constipation. This is due to the fact fiber promotes regular bowel moves, particularly while a person combines it with proper hydration. High fiber foods consist of veggies, complete grains, nuts, lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes.



Low ranges of physical hobby can also lead to constipation. A few past studies have found that physically suit humans, along with marathon runners, are much less possibly to enjoy constipation than different humans, although the precise reasons for this stay uncertain.



How to Cure Constipation?
Constipation normally resolves itself without the need for prescription remedy. In most cases, making lifestyle modifications as along with getting more exercising, consuming extra fiber, and consuming more water can assist. Permitting time for defecation, without pressure or interruption, may additionally assist. Human beings should additionally not ignore the urge to have a bowel movement. Laxatives can improve symptoms inside the brief-time period, but humans have to use them with care and most effective while vital. This is because a few laxatives may have intense negative consequences.


The food and drug management (FDA) urge human beings to test with their doctor earlier than using them, and to comply with the instructions at the label with care. They will want more potent medicinal drug. The physician might also test in view with some underlying situations. Retaining a file of bowel moves, stool characteristics, and nutritional and different factors may additionally help discover an appropriate remedy.



Homeopathic Medicine for Constipation Cure
Calcarea Carb, Causticum, Graphites, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Hydrastis, Nux Vomica, Sepia, Bryonia and Sulphur are top ten homeopathic medicines for treatment of constipation. These homeopathic medicines are generally used in low potency. You may also alternate Hydrastis and Nux Vomica.


Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment & Tips (Urdu-English)


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How to Improve Digestive System? Tips For Smooth Digestion in Urdu & English


Homeopathic Treatment of Constipation, Tips, Top 10 Homoeopathic Medicines


Homeopathic Treatment of Constipation, Tips, Top 10 Homoeopathic Medicines

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Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests, and they can be very difficult to get rid of. If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation, there are a few things you can do to help get rid of them. In this article, we shall share twenty tips and home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches. First lets read some strange facts about these tiny creatures.



Some Strange Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most reviled pests in the world & for good reason. These creepy, crawly insects are not only unsightly, but they can also carry disease & contaminate food. But there is more to these pests than meets the eye. Here are some strange facts about cockroaches that you may not know.


Cockroaches are actually quite clean creatures. They groom themselves regularly & are very particular about their personal hygiene. In fact, they are one of the cleanest insects in the world.


Cockroaches are also very intelligent by nature. They have been shown to be able to learn & remember simple tasks. They are also capable of making decisions based on past experience.


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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches? Top 20 Home Remedies

Cockroaches are not all bad. In fact, some species of cockroaches are actually beneficial to humans. These cockroaches eat harmful insects and help to control the population of other pests. Wives are more afraid of cockroaches than their husbands.


So there you have it, some strange, but true facts about cockroaches. Next time you see one of these pests, you may just look at them in a whole new light. Now the time has come to discuss the our main topic of this blog post i.e “How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever? Top 20 Home Remedies

Now is going to share tips on top 20 home remedies about how to get rid of cockroaches;


1. Use roach traps

Roach traps are an effective way to get rid of cockroaches from your homes. They work by luring the cockroaches into the trap with a tasty food bait and then the cockroaches are unable to escape.



2. Boric acid

Boric acid is a substance that is poisonous for cockroaches. You can purchase it in powder form or as a roach tablet. To use it, simply place the powder or tablet in an area where cockroaches are known to frequent.



3. Bay leaves

Bay leaves are another natural cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves, so placing them in areas where cockroaches are a problem can help to deter them easily.



4. Citrus Peel

Citrus fruits like lemons & oranges contain a substance called limonene, which is a natural cockroach repellent in nature. You can use citrus peel to deter cockroaches by placing it in areas where they are a problem.



5. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are another effective cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of coffee, so placing coffee grounds in areas where they are a problem can help to deter them quickly.



6. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a substance that is made from the fossilized remains of algae. It is effective at killing cockroaches, because it punctures their exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate and die.


7. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a natural cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of peppermint, so placing peppermint oil in areas where they are a problem can help to deter them.



8. Catnip

Catnip is a plant that is basically in the mint family. It is a natural cockroach repellent by nature. Cockroaches hate the smell of catnip, so placing it in areas, where they are a problem can help to deter them.



9. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a natural cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of lavender, so placing lavender oil in areas where they are a problem can help to deter them.



10. Chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemum flowers contain a special substance called pyrethrin, which is a natural insecticide in nature. Chrysanthemum flowers can be used to deter cockroaches by placing them in areas where they are a problem.



11. Cloves

Cloves are another effective natural cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of cloves, so placing them in areas where they are a problem can help to deter them.



12. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another effective cockroach repellent by nature. Cockroaches hate the smell of cinnamon, so placing it in areas where they are a problem can be useful.



13. Thyme

Thyme is another effective cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of thyme, so placing it in areas where they are a problem can help you in getting your goal of getting rid of cockroaches.



14. Garlic

Garlic is another effective & cheap cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the odor of garlic, so placing it in areas where they are found help to deter them.



15. Lemon grass

Lemon grass is another nice cockroach repellent. Cockroaches do not like the smell of lemon grass, so placing it in areas where they come often can help you to get rid of cockroaches.



16. Safflower

Safflower is another effective & useful cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate the smell of safflower, so placing it in areas where they walk can reduce their presence.



17. Soybean oil

Soybean oil is another effective but common cockroach repellent. Cockroaches do not like the smell of soybean oil at all, so placing it in areas where they are a problem can help fight against them.


18. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is too an effective cockroach repellent. Cockroaches go away from the area where there is lemon balm, so placing it in areas where they love to spend time, can help you in your ultimate goal.



19. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another effective cockroach repellent. Cockroaches hate its smell and never come in the area where there is tea tree oil.



20. Spray insecticide

Spray insecticides are another option for killing cockroaches. They are easy to use & can be effective at killing cockroaches. Gel insecticides are a newer type of product that can be used to kill cockroaches. They’re applied as a gel, and the cockroaches ingest the insecticide when they eat the gel.


Finally, you need to eliminate their hiding places. Cockroaches like to hide in dark & quiet places. They are often found in closets, cabinets & under furniture. To get rid of cockroaches, you need to reduce the number of hiding places in your home & kitchen.



There are a number of ways to get rid of cockroaches. But the best way to get rid of them is to remove their attractions. By cleaning your home and eliminating their food & water sources, you can make your home less attractive to cockroaches. And by reducing their hiding places, you can make it easier to find & eliminate them. If you like this post on “How to Get Rid of Cockroaches” then do share it with your friends and family on social media.


Homeopathic Treatment of Uterine Fibroids, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions, Risks, Tips

Homeopathic Treatment of Uterine Fibroids, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions, Risks, Tips

All You Need to Know About Uterine Fibroids, Causes, Signs, Prevention, Diagnosis, Risks Involved & Super Tips
If you’re a patient of fibroids is uterus, you may be searching for a natural but effective treatment option. You must try Homeopathy as it is a safe and effective alternative treatment for uterine fibroids, and can provide relief from symptoms like multiple fibroids, heavy bleeding and pain. However, there are some things to keep in mind before starting homeopathic medicines, such as making sure you get a proper diagnosis and qualified homeopathic physician.


Fibroids are very common, affecting up to 80% of females by the age of fifty. Now a days they are even most common in women in their 30s and 40s. While fibroids are not cancerous, they can cause a number of symptoms, including heavy bleeding, pain, and pressure on the bladder or rectum. Fibroids in uterus can also make it difficult to become pregnant or to carry a pregnancy to term.


Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are basically non-cancerous growths, that may develop in the uterus. They are also known as leiomyomas or myomas. Fibroids are found in various sizes, from tiny seedlings to large masses. Fibroids may grow on many positions like the inside of the uterus, in the outer wall of the uterus, or they can attach to the uterus by a stalk.



Most females with uterine fibroids have no symptoms. However, some women with fibroids can experience excessive bleeding, hard pain, and pressure in the pelvis. Fibroids can also cause fertility problems as some time in cases of multiple fibroids uterus is removed from the body which results into inability to produce a child.


Homeopathic Treatment of Uterine Fibroids, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions, Risks, Tips


Homeopathic Treatment of Uterine Fibroids, Causes, Symptoms, Precautions, Risks, Tips


If you have any of these alarming symptoms, you should see your homeopathic doctor or gynecologist as early as possible. They will first of all likely perform a pelvic examination and may order an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis of fibroids . Treatment for fibroids is typically not necessary, unless they are causing some disturbing symptoms. If treatment is necessary, options include medication, surgery, and, in rare cases, uterine artery embolization (UAE).


Causes of Uterine Fibroids

There are different possible causes of uterine fibroids, though the exact cause is unknown till now. Some possible causes have been given below:


1-Hormonal imbalances: Estrogen and progesterone are the two main female hormones involved in the development of fibroids in uterus. An imbalance of these two important hormones may lead to the development of uterine fibroids.


2-Genetic factors: There is a genetic factor too i.e if your mother or any sister has had uterine fibroids, you may be more likely to the next victim of it.


3-Diet: A diet full of red meat and low in fruits and vegetables has been linked to an increased risk of developing fibroids in uterus.


4-Weight: Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for developing fibroids in uterus.


5-Stress: Tension has been linked to an increased risk of developing uterine fibroids.


If you are experiencing any such symptoms of uterine fibroids, it is important to see your doctor for a complete diagnosis. There are many treatment options available, so there is no need to worry in majority of cases.


Precautions For Avoiding Uterine Fibroids

There are various ways to help prevent uterine fibroids from developing or even from growing. One way is to maintain a healthy weight as per body mass index. Obesity is a serious risk factor for developing fibroids. Another way to prevent fibroids is to take exercise regularly. Exercise can help to regulate hormones and avoid obesity. Additionally, eating healthy food items can help to prevent fibroids. A diet rich in fresh, local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help to regulate female hormones and prevent weight gaining. Finally, avoiding alcohol and smoking is also necessary. Alcohol and smoking can both increase the risk of growing fibroids.


Diagnosis of Uterine Fibroids

As we have told you that uterine fibroid is a non-cancerous growth in nature that develops in the uterus. Fibroids may vary in size, from very ting to large enough to fill the entire uterus. They are generally round or oval in shape.


Fibroids are the most common type of benign tumor in women of childbearing age. It is estimated that between 20 to 50 % of women in this age group have fibroids, although not all of them will experience its serious symptoms.


The main cause of fibroids is still unknown, but they are thought to be influenced by hormones, specially estrogen. Fibroids tend to grow larger during child pregnancy, when estrogen levels are quite higher.


Symptoms of fibroids can include:

1-Heavy, painful or prolonged bleeding during menses
2-Anemia (due to extreme bleeding)
3-Pelvic pressure or pain
4-Frequent urination
6-Leg pain or backache


Fibroids can be easily diagnosed with a pelvic exam, ultrasound, or MRI scan. Treatment options include homeopathic medication, surgery, or watchful waiting. If fibroids are ting and not causing any serious symptoms, no treatment is needed at all.


Risks For Patients of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are one of the most common health problems that women face now a days, that’s why i believe that it may have some connection with our modern life style. While they are usually benign, they can cause many symptoms that can be quite debilitating. In few cases, they can also lead to more serious health complications in females.



There are many possible risks that women face when they have fibroids in uterus. One of the most grave is the risk of uterine cancer. Although it is possible in very rare cases but one should take it seriously. Fibroids can also cause complications during pregnancy, including an increased risk of miscarriage, premature child birth, and placental abruption.


Females having fibroids should consult their physician about the potential and what they can do to minimize them. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the multiple fibroids. In other cases, homeopathic medication may be the best option. If you are willing to become pregnant, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the fibroids for increasing the chances of safe child birth. Whatever the case, it is very important to be proactive in managing fibroids in uterus to ensure the best possible outcome.


Menses Problems, Leucorrhoea, Fibroids, Infertility & Menopause Treatment in Women

Tips For Patients of Uterine Fibroids

1-Get regular exercise. Exercise can help a large to reduce the size of Uterine fibroids and improve your overall health condition.

2-Eat healthy food. A healthy diet can help to reduce the size of Uterine fibroids and improve your general health.

3-Reduce stress. Anxiety can worsen the symptoms of fibroids in uterus.

4-Get enough sleep. Sleep can help to reduce the many symptoms of Uterine fibroids.

5-Drink plenty of water. Water can help to flush out toxins and reduce the signs of fibroids.

6-Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol can worsen the major symptoms of fibroids.

7-Talk to your doctor. If you are suffering from symptoms of fibroids immediately consult qualified doctor or homeopath.


Menstrual Disorders Symptoms, Types, Precautions, Causes, Diagnosis, Homeopathic Treatment


Homeopathic Treatment & Medicines for Uterine Fibroids

Homeopathic treatment of uterine fibroids involves the use of natural substances to stimulate the body’s healing response. This can be done through the use of homeopathic remedies, which are diluted forms of natural substances that are taken orally, or through the use of homeopathic injections, which are given intramuscularly.


There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat uterine fibroids, and the best one for you will depend on your individual symptoms. Some of the most commonly used remedies include:


1-Thlaspi Bursa is the top homeopathic medicine for eliminating the uterine fibroids quickly. You need to subscribe this medicine for at least 6 months as per individual symptoms of patient.


2-Aconitum napellus: This remedy is indicated for women who experience sudden, sharp, and severe pain in the pelvis.


3-Belladonna: This remedy is indicated for women who experience throbbing pain in the pelvis and lower back.


4-Calcarea carbonica: This remedy is indicated for women who are overweight. This medicine can do magic if given according to symptoms.


5-Calcarea Fluor is another top homeopathic remedy for the treatment of uterine fibroids. Calcarea Fluor not only helps with restoring elasticity to smooth muscles in the uterus, but also reduces the pain and heaviness of fibroids in uterus. Sepia, Ustilago and Sabina are also included in top ten homeopathic remedies for shrinking the of multiple uterine fibroids.


Homeopathic treatment is individualized, so it is important to find a homeopath who is experienced in treating uterine fibroids and who can tailor a treatment plan to your specific situation.


Homeopathic remedies are safe and gentle, but they can still cause side effects. Be sure to discuss any potential side effects with your homeopath before starting treatment.


Homeopathic treatment of uterine fibroids is not a quick fix. It may take several months or longer to see results. Be patient and consistent with your treatment plan to give it the best chance of success. is also here to help the patients of uterine fibroids. We also provide online consultation in this regard. You may read the details in the image given on this page.


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Top Ten Jogging Benefits & Rules To Keep In Mind (English-Urdu)

Top Ten Jogging Benefits & Rules To Keep In Mind (English-Urdu)

The Ultimate Guide To Jogging For Health & Fitness Benefits (Urdu & English)

Jogging is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy. There are many benefits to jogging, including improving overall fitness, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, and helping to maintain a healthy weight. Jogging can also help to improve mental health, increase your sense of well-being, and help to relieve stress. In this article we shall discuss top ten jogging benefits and top 10 jogging rules both in Urdu and English languages.


What is Jogging? Health Benefits of Running & Walking
Jogging is a form of aerobic exercise that uses foot strikes to push off the ground and move forward. Jogging is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Here are top 10 jogging benefits that you should know.


Top 10 Jogging Benefits

1: Jogging helps improve your cardiovascular health

Jogging has numerous benefits for improving your cardiovascular health. It burns calories, which can help you lose weight and improve your overall health. Running also strengthens your heart and lungs, which can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease or other respiratory illnesses.


2: Jogging helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke

A study conducted by Harvard University found that people who jogged at least five times a week had a significantly lower risk of developing heart disease or stroke than people who did not jog.?
Another study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that running can also help improve moods and mental well-being.?

Top Ten Jogging Benefits & Rules To Keep In Mind (English-Urdu)

Top Ten Jogging Benefits & Rules To Keep In Mind (English-Urdu)

So if you’re looking to reduce your risk of developing heart disease or stroke,jogging is definitely an option worth considering.


3: Jogging helps improve your mental health

Physical activity has been linked with a reduced risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Running has also been shown to improve mood and cognitive function. In fact, a 2009 study published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” found that people who exercised regularly had less psychological distress than those who did not exercise. Additionally, walking has been shown to help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.


4: Jogging is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature

People often cite exercise and physical activity as reasons to get outside and enjoy nature, and jogging is certainly one of the best ways to do so. Many people choose to jog because they’re trying to lose weight, improve their cardiovascular system, or simply for fun. Some who jog outdoors might even find that they can enjoy the fresh air, views, sounds, and smells of nature while they run. Walking outdoors provides several benefits besides just getting some fresh air. Running outside can help reduce stress, improve your mood, lower your blood pressure, give you more energy, and improve your overall mental well-being. And since walking is a low-impact exercise, there’s no reason why you can’t add in some strength training to get even stronger muscles!


5: Jogging can help you lose weight

If you are overweight or obese, jogging can help you lose weight by helping to burn calories. Running also helps to keep your heart healthy by reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. It is important to remember that if you are trying to lose weight, it is important not to overdo it; too much running can lead to injury. Talk with your doctor about what amount of running is safe for you.


6: Jogging can be a very fun experience

It can also be a great way to get your daily exercise. Jogging can help improve your overall health and well-being.


7: Jogging can help you meet your fitness goals

If you are looking for ways to improve your overall fitness level, jogging may be a great option for you.



8:Helps the body to fight against Cancer, Hypertension & Diabetes:

You can jog at any time of the day or night, rain or shine, without having to worry about equipment or clothing issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular physical activity can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and memory problems in older adults.


9.Jogging improves your strength and endurance

Jogging is one of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do for overall fitness. It has been shown to improve your strength and endurance, which can help you in a number of ways. Strength is important not only for carrying out everyday tasks, but also for maintaining good health overall. Endurance is key when it comes to staying healthy and preventing injuries. Walking can help you build both of these important qualities.


10.Jogging helps improve your agility and coordination

There are many health benefits to jogging, including improved agility and coordination. Running can improve your balance, stamina and foot speed, which can make you more agile in daily life. Running also has a cardio component that can help improve your overall fitness level.


Another advantage is the fact that walking is a simple, inexpensive exercise that requires little preparation or equipment, making it an excellent activity to include in your life. Walking also increases the amount of oxygen that your body absorbs into your blood, giving you a feeling of well being and happiness.


                      Top Ten Jogging Rules


1-Do It Today
Start jogging today. Just start of this soft exercise is difficult, then you may become habitual of it.


2-Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
First day you will feel tiredness, never allow this feeling to stop you from jogging.


3-Make It Fun
Take running as a fun activity. Observe the nature minutely during your walk and enjoy it.


4-Eat Healthy Food
You need to take healthy and balanced food too for getting maximum benefit from this habit.


5-Run With A Partner
Try to find a partner for you while walking as it will help you in passing the time.


6-Don’t Run Too Hard
Kindly walk, not run. Running is not recommended by doctors, just walking is enough for getting all the benefits of jogging.


7-Drink Plenty of Water
Drink plenty of fresh water daily for avoiding dehydration in summer.


8-Warm Up
Before the start of jogging warm up your body through minor exercises.


Early in the morning and start of evening are two best times for jogging. Walk of half an hour is enough for one session.


10-Never Miss a Session 
Never take a leave from this healthy activity.

So do start jogging right now and improve your health. Now its time to read jogging benefits and rules in Urdu languages;

Top Ten Jogging Benefits & Rules To Keep In Mind (English-Urdu)


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