How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy? Kidney Health Tips in Urdu & English

Secrets to Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy-Kidney Health Tips & Tricks
If you have damaged kidneys, then you are in critical condition! Here are the kidney health tips for you. These tips are written in urdu and English. It is better that you start thinking about the ways and remedies of improving your kidneys health. Do you know that the health of your heart and kidneys, they go side by side and gets related to each other. If your heart health is better, then your kidneys health will remain stable as well. You should keep yourself regularly tested so that you can get to know on time whether your kidneys are in a healthy condition or not. Here are some kidney health tips for you.

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Eating a Balanced And Healthy Diet
For the sake of your kidneys healthy, you should always eat healthy and balanced diet. You have to reduce sodium intake in your die. Stay away on the permanent basis from eating these processed food items. You have to eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Try not to eat those food items which are high in saturated fat content and high in the cholesterol level. Do not eat cheese and fried foods. You have to eat foods which are high omega 3 fatty acids which primarily include cold water fish like that of tuna and salmon and also sardines and trout. Have other foods to be consumed as well like walnuts and flaxseed oil and too canola oil.

Keep Yourself Fit And Active
You should be walking, running as well as cycling a lot. If you will keep yourself fit, then your blood pressure will be reduced and you will reduce the chances of getting chronic and acute form of chronic kidney diseases.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Level Controlled
It is true that most of the people who have diabetes, they develop kidney damage. So those people who are diabetic, they should check their kidney functioning on a regular basis. You should control and reduce blood sugar levels always.

Monitoring And Controlling Your Blood Pressure
A high blood pressure can even lead to and become the cause of a kidney damage. The normal blood pressure level is always 120/80. You should adopt the healthiest of all lifestyle and make positive dietary changes so that your BP gets controlled and your kidneys remain on a healthy note.

Avoid Smoking
It is completely true smoking slows down the flow of blood which is reaching to your kidneys. This smoking will disable your kidney functioning. This habit increases the risk of getting targeted and attacked by kidney cancer.

Increasing The Span of Your Physical Activity
It is by doing physical activities that your blood pressure will remain decreased, you will get increased amount of muscle strength and blood fat level of yours will get lowered too. Your sleeping routine will get improved.

More of the kidney health tips are coming soon, keep in touch with us and look for the measures and easy remedies to make your kidneys, stronger and healthy for entire lifetime. More Kidney health tips have been given below in Urdu language.

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How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy? Kidney Health Tips in Urdu & English

How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy? Kidney Health Tips in Urdu & English

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