How To Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home? Formulas in Urdu & English

How to Make Skin Lightening (Whitening Cream) at Home-Easy Formulas
If you are looking for a method as to how to make a skin whitening cream then we will tell you. You can make this cream at home, here are the formulas for you in Urdu and English. This cream is easy to make and you will not face and experience any difficulty. Below are the details for you:

Ingredients to Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home
You need to have strawberry 6 pieces, one cup of rose water, 4 tea spoons of almond powder, 4 tea spoons of yogurt, 4 tea spoons of gule yasmeen, 4 tea spoon of ubtan powder, 4 tea spoon of multani mitti if you want to make this fairness cream. These ingredients are easily available and make sure that you add the exact quantity of them.

Method to Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home
Take a blender and mix rose water, yogurt, almond powder, ubtan powder, gule yasmeen, multani mitti. Now you can add strawberry and ascorbyl phosphate in it. To make this skin whitening cream thick, put this paste in a fridge. You are ready to apply this cream on your face. This cream is quick to make. It has nourishing and great ingredients present in it which will instantly bring a glowing touch to your face. There is no point of using and applying sub standard fairness creams. Just make this cream, this is the correct formula which we have shared with you.

Other Method to Make Skin Whitening Fairness Cream at Home
The other method to make fairness creams, here is one for you. Take two to three fairness creams from the market and add 2 capsules of vitamin C in it. Just mix them well and you are all ready to use this cream. It will be best if you will use this ream during night, that is before you sleep. This is how you will make these kinds of fairness creams at home. If you think that market available fairness products are not giving you any benefit, then it is recommended to make the fairness cream on your own. As you have seen that quite healthy ingredients are used in these fairness creams and they will not damage your skin at any cost. Freely apply and use these fairness products which you have made at home.

This is the exact and one of the simplest processes to make these skin whitening creams. We hope that once you will read the entire post details, you will immediately start to make these fairness creams. These ingredients and procedure to make, they are easy to get and easy to follow. Keep tuned with us and if some other fairness cream making procedure will be grabbed by us, we will update you. If you also make the fairness cream in your home and you do not use market available fairness products, then share your recipe with us. Now read the formulas for making skin whitening cream at home in Urdu language.

How To Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home? Formulas in Urdu & English


How To Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home? Formulas in Urdu & English

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