NURSING: Its Role and Responsibilities

All About Role of Nurses in Health Care Field

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life..However nurses may not be very technically involved as the other medical professionals like the laboratorty technologists and the surgery physicians, but nursing is the most important part of the overall medical team and treatment as any organization where people are healed and cured. Nurses are compassionate human beings, they are females who have a unique approach of taking care of patients and hey have a tender and caring heart.

NURSING: Its Role and Responsibilities



Roles and Responsibilities

Nurses provides caring support to all the patients and to all kinds of physicians in the world.. They are also allowed to work and operate independently in all kinds of places where doctors need their help. They have a training level prior to start their profession as nurses. They have advanced knowledge of however patient care and also have specialized credentials. They work in collaboration with the physicians and make a plan of action for the better cure and personal care of the patients who might have good chance or no cahnce a all to survive  in the hospital. Their main focus is on the patients, not on the surgery, they let the doctors concentrate and focus on their more complex and technical tasks rather than taking care of patients.

Nurses operate according to rules and regulations in any organization they are a part of. Their overall duty is to improve the quality of patient care and sometimes do some advanced things like prescribing the medicine and perform some therapies on the patients like exercise etc. They are an integral and vital part of the healthcare team and provide care independently to support physicians as nursing professionals.

History of Nursing

In the previous days of wars and ancient times, nurses used to provide great services to the sick  or injured soldiers and also played an important part in the history. They are more effective than the male attendants because their loving and compassionate feelings for the patients make them ideal for improving their stay at the hospitals . Nurses were found in the history in all religions like Islam , Buddishm, Christianity and Jewish.

How can one forget Florance Nightingale in the 19th century when we talk about the history of nursing. She was the pioneer lady for the profession of nursing. She laid the foundation for the modern-day nursing and showed the world how a nurse should be like. During the Crimean war, her ways of nursing became popular and have been accepted as a standard in the modern day nursing as well. Today;s nursing is also a Nightingale model of  nursing followed at the nursing schools in Europe and America. Other great nurses of history were Agnes Hunt, Linda Rhodes and Clara Barton. They also made history to bring the level of nursing to its best.

In the 20th century, the hospitals grew and the nursing became very common practice. The Nightingales style slightly dimished but it will always leave its mark on the modern day nursing.

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