Occupational Health and Safety Officer and his Importance

What is Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Health and safety officers monitor workplace health and safety risks and hazards, and advise workers and managers on how to minimise or eliminate these risks and hazards. Some may also carry out nursing duties. They work very closely with government legislation to ensure that a workplace is safe for all staff. There are a number of tasks a health and safety officer is able to perform in their daily lives like:

Key Roles of Occupational Safety Officer

  • Making sure that the workplaces and businesses comply with the rules and regulations of the health and safety during work time.
  • They work with the staff, the managers and the other related staff to manage, monitor and improve the safety standards and health practices at the offices so that the workers do not feel unsafe working in a particular environment.
  • They also perform the daunting task of performing inspections at the workplaces, factories, offices and any other business where the safety and well being of employees and worker is concerned. During their periodic checks, they monitor a lot of things inside the working premises and make sure that everyone working there is in good shape, for example they check the noise level at the workplace to make sure the place is peaceful enough to work.
  • They are also very knowledgeable people and have great managerial and analytical skills. They can design, plan and monitor the health and safety systems for the organizations or workplaces.
  • During the time of natural disasters,the utmost and all important duty of the occupational health and safety officers is to dig down deep the matter and develop some emergency procedures for dealing with the mishaps like the earthquakes and help people deal with emergencies,
  • They also counsel people, they have good advice to give to people and businesses who rely on their professional advice to properly maintain their safe work environment.

Their Job Opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities available to the occupational safety officers in all types of organizations and business setups. They can work for government as well as the private sector organizations and the chances of work is better than ever before due to the increase in production and technology manufacturing. The emphasis on health and safety is also growth throughout the world as the companies are paying attention towards the well-being of their employees. Therefore, in order to become health and safety officer,one should have a professional certification or a professional diploma obtained from the accredited institutions of the world.


They provide valuable services to the organizations and possess a good background in occupational health and workplace safety. They can also work as health inspectors for the department of labour of occupational safety. As an expert health and safety advisor, their knowledge and skills can be effectively utilized for reducing the risks of accidents and injuries at the workplace. If you have a workplace where safety y is biggest issue, then you need an occupational safety officer as soon as possible.


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