Occupational Therapist and Their Role


An occupational therapist works with a client to help them achieve a fulfilled and satisfied state in life through the use of “purposeful activity or interventions designed to achieve functional outcomes which promote the health of the patients. They play a key role in preventing the injury related issues to grow serious and create a disability in the body. They improve overall situation, health condition of the patient and make sure that they live a healthy and independent life. Self-maintenance is a very important health issue worldwide, the occupational therapists have the ability to plan desire, recall and rethink the purposes of self-maintenance according to the environment of the patients.

Roles and Responsibilities

An occupational therapist can work with a large variety of clients, he or she can play a huge role in changing the lives of personalities who need help in their day to day tasks so that they can become good citizens and contribute towards the society. Not only old people are helped, but occupational therapists these days can help people of all ages like young and middle age people. They make it easy for them to understand their working and living environment, individuals who have some kind of physical or mental problem can benefit a lot from them. People who are socially or emotionally unstable and are not of sound mind and personality need the help of occupational therapists to regain the confidence back and climb up the ladder of success.They also help them to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and work skills.



Occupational therapists not only help clients gain better confidence, bu they also help them to improve their reasoning capabilities in life and broaden their perspective. Their help is not limited to a few types of activities, they can help clients with all types of activities, they can assist in general types of tasks like basic dressing, using a computer and carry it around, doing cooking and eating habits. They also suggest clients some physical exercises to enhance their power and gain more muscular advantage to do better in life/ Clients with short-term memory loss have a lot of problem forgetting the very basic day to day things , they need to constantly remind of their details to carry on with their day. That is why they need the services of occupational therapists to assist them through the days..

These days, the information technology has changed the lives of mass communities, the occupational therapists make sure that they also use the latest software and technologies for helping their clients build a better decision-making power.Their co-ordination with their clients is very professional and they behave in a great way with their clients who have either short term handicap issues or some permanent health issues.Individuals suffering from the muscular dystrophy or patients sitting on wheelchairs depend heavily on occupational therapists.They teach clients how to enhance their daily working skills by making use of computer aided programs and reduce their limitations to become a normal person in life. This way, clients can get a better control of their lives and of the others/


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