Scope & Benefits of Studying Physiology in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Jobs & Tips

Career Counseling About Scope of Studying Physiology in Pakistan, Introduction, Jobs, Nature of Work, Core Topics & Tips
Let us have an introduction on this field line which is the physiology field line. this field tell us that how the body systems and different organs of an organism basically work and function. It is the important and vital medical science field which possesses a big scope and growth in it. The subject of physiology is almost present in all of the degree programs, like if you are doing MBBS, BDS, if you are doing DPT studies or DVM studies, you will be studying this subject. You can study this field right in your postgraduate degree program as it encompasses a big amount of scope in it. For the experts of anatomy and pharmacy field, for the experts of pathology, this is the most important subject.

Anatomy & Physiology

Scope & Benefits of Studying Physiology in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Jobs & Tips

Subjects Part of Physiology Field
If you are doing the specialization in this field, then you will be studying these subjects, the subject of functional anatomy and functional physiology, the course of anatomy and biochemistry, the subject of cell and molecular biology. You will study these subjects too like prokaryotic physiology, plant physiology and homeostasis, microbial anatomy and the subject of neuro physiology and muscle physiology.

Then the subject of principles of immunology, the introduction to bioinformatics, renal physiology, the subject of pulmonary physiology, the principles of human nutrition, comparative physiology, environmental physiology, pharmacology, physiological techniques, toxicology and ergonomics, this is the main list of subjects which are part of this field.

Evolution of Physiology Field
It was all because of the Muslim scientist achievements that this field came into being, the Muslim scientists rejected the theory of Darwin evolution and they devised their own theories which are in relation to this field line. The concept of blood circulation was discovered by Ibn Al Nafis and Ibn Al Haytham became the first expert in the area of physiology of eye.

Job Areas Opened for Physiologists And Employment Choices for Physiologists
These professionals belonging to the physiology field line, they can work in the dental colleges or serve in the medical colleges, there are vacancies for you to work in the pharmacy colleges. Then in the schools of physical therapy and in the veterinary institutions, in the paramedical colleges and research laboratories, you can have many job types.

You can have jobs in the medical research labs or in the research labs, in the traditional medicine colleges as well as in the homeopathic colleges, you can find great scope. In the agricultural research labs then in the botanical labs, there are many career choices for you in the field of physiology.

You can become a toxicologist, you can have the profession as a lecturer or as a biochemist, then working as sports scientist or as a rehabilitation specialist, you can work as well. Working as a microbiologist or as a reproduction technologist or a medical researcher, they are suitable job options for you too.

We will let you know more about other medical science field lines in a coming time so keep connected with us.

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