Doctor of Optometry (OD) Scope in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Jobs, Duties

Scope of Doctor of Optometry (OD) Introduction, Career, Jobs, Eligibility, Benefits & Tips 
The scope of this doctor of optometry program, it is mentioned on this page. For the information, it is the eye healthcare degree program which is introduced in Pakistan universities. So if you want to be in this eye healthcare field line, then you need to get in hand this doctor of optometry degree first of all. If you have completed your Fsc education and you have passed this degree in the science pre medical subjects, or if your A-level education is done and passed in the subjects then you can be enrolled in this program. Most of the students, they fail to be in the BDS program or MBBS degree program, so the other option for them is to be in this study program.

Doctor (Dr)

Doctor of Optometry (OD) Scope in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Jobs, Duties

All About The Program of Dr of Optometry (OD)
So in this field, basically the professionals have to prescribe the medications and treatment about the eyesight problems and issues. If you have any visual disorders, if your eye faced some injury or any kind of illness, then this field professionals can help you out. You should have 50% marks in your Fsc pre medical exams if you want to pursue this program for your future studies. The duration of this program is ten years and you need to complete total ten semesters, that means you will be completing 175 credit hours. The institution which is offering this doctor of optometry program, it should be approved by HEC so that this important degree of yours does not be wasted.

Job Duties in The Field of Optometry
These professionals have to perform all kind of vision tests and they also have to analyze results. Then they have to diagnose all sorts of sight problems, like we are talking about nearsightedness and farsightedness. These professionals need to prescribe eyeglasses or the use of contact lenses, and other of the medications. They have to carry on with the treatments like that of vision therapy as well as low-vision rehabilitation.

Then professionals involved in this field have to give pre postoperative care and postoperative care to all of the patients who are undergoing eye surgery. They need to evaluate patients and promote eye health by doing the counseling of patients.
Job Options in Optometry Field

Those who have this degree of doctor of optometry, they can do and start with their private practice. You can work in the government hospitals or you can serve in the research institutions. Rest you can work in the biomedical industry or you can work in the manufacturing industry. You can have many job options in the academic industry or you can look for jobs in the private hospitals.
This is all about this degree program of doctor of optometry, all the readers now have grabbed the complete information on this program. You can keep in touch with us and we will tell you more of the alternatives if you are interested in studying and doing MBBS. BDS studies.

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