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Scope of DHMS in Pakistan-Career, Eligibility, Subjects, Jobs & Admission

Career & Scope of Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System in Pakistan & Abroad 

DHMS ia one of the best diploma courses in Pakistan. This four years diploma can make you a self employed person. Females and those students who have craze for becoming doctor in spite of having bad marks in FSc or Matriculation must go for this great option. Duration of this diploma course is just 4 years, while medium of instruction is also Urdu. There is no issue of merit and attendance. You may get admission in DHMS diploma any time during a session. Fees of homeopathic medical colleges are also more than reasonable. Average monthly fee of DHMS is just 1000 PKR.

Scope of DHMS in Pakistan-Career, Eligibility, Subjects, Jobs & Admission

Scope of DHMS in Pakistan-Career, Eligibility, Subjects, Jobs & Admission


Homeopathy is relatively new method of treatment but at the same time it is more effective than allopathic and traditional medicines. Homeopathic medicines have no side effects. Fortunately now government of Pakistan has upgraded the status of DHMS as earlier this diploma was considered equivalent but now it is considered equivalent to BSc. DHMS diploma holders will have to appear in just compulsory subjects of FSc and BSc for getting these degrees/certificates. BHMS is a higher degree in Homeopathy as it is equivalent to MBBS and MSc. We shall soon write a detailed article on scope of BHMS on


DHMS Subjects
All basic subjects of medical science are taught in DHMS like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Microbiology, Hygiene & Public Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Psychology, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Pharmacy and Minor Surgery. Other than these basic subjects you will have to study Materia Medica, Homeopathic Philosophy, Case Taking & Repertorisation and Comparative Materia Medica. You will also have to appear in practical exam of these subjects.
Case Taking and Repertorisation (Viva Voce)
Pathology & Microbiology
Materia Medica (Viva Voce)
Pharmacy in this course is just related to homeopathic pharmacy. There is no separate course for pharmacy in Homeopathic. Homeopathic doctors are considered homeopathic pharmacists too.


Who Should Get Admission in DHMS Course?
1-Nurses should go for this course for becoming doctor.
2-Psychiatrists and psychologists should also get admission in DHMS, as in homeopathy emphasis is given more on mental symptoms rather on physical symptoms. Believe me that homeopathic medicines can do wonders in psychological cases.
3-Its an ideal field for household females as they can earn money by practicing at home.
4-Its an ideal diploma for all paramedical diploma holders.
5-All those persons who have interest in pharmaceutical business must also join this course.


Career  & Scope of DHMS in Pakistan & Abroad 
There is a great scope of DHMS in Pakistan as our people love this method of treatment. You guys may get the BHMS degree in just 3 years. You may open your own homeopathic medical store or pharmaceutical company. You may also open your online clinic just like us. You may also get government job of 16 grade in public dispensaries and hospitals. You may also get a job in Homeopathic pharmaceutical companies as sales representative or quality control officer.


You may write columns in newspapers and magazines. If you have good creative writing skills then you may also enter in the world of publishing as a homeopathic writer or publisher. We are taking about 2000 rupees as our fee just because of our 20 years experience and practical knowledge in this field. Now its your turn to shine in the field of homeopathic medical science, believe us that sky is the limit for you in tis field, but you will have to work hard in the initial stage of your career.


We suggest you to get admission in B category course too as its a 2 years course in Pharmacy and it will help you for entering in the field of pharmaceutical industry. Medium of instruction in this course is also Urdu.Talented students must go for 3 years BHMS condensed course after getting the DHMS diploma. Remember that regular education has its own importance, so appear in compulsory subjects of FSc and BSc too. It will open new doors of jobs for you in foreign countries too.


FTJ is also a recommended diploma for those who have high plans for their future. We shall soon guide you in detail about FTJ diploma. Stay connected with and its facebook page for guidance about different career options for science students of matriculation and pre medical students of F.Sc and O-Level. We shall welcome your queries about career and scope of DHMS. .

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Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Introduction, Degrees, Career, Tips

Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Introduction, Degrees, Career, Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Dermatology & Its Career Scope in Pakistan

Dermatology Definition

Dermatology (from the Greek derma meaning skin) is the branch of medicine that treats diseases of the skin. Dermatology is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and sometimes even cosmetic care of diseases and disorders affecting the skin and its appendages, such as hair, nails, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands.


Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Introduction, Degrees, Career, Tips

Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Introduction, Degrees, Career, Tips


According to a recent online survey, dermatologists are the most trusted medical specialists in Pakistan. They were also the most sought after doctors among patients who had visited a doctor in the past 12 months. In fact, the number of people who seek advice from dermatologists is twice that of the general practitioners.



How To Become a Dermatologist in Pakistan?
In Pakistan you may become a dermatologist through two routes. In the first route after MBBS you can specialize in dermatology. Second route is quite easy as in this route you can get admission in BS dermatology after FSc pre medical. There is a great scope of BS dermatology in Pakistan as it has become a short cut for becoming dermatologist in Pakistan. Majority of students in Pakistan taking this degree as alternative of MBBS and BDS.



BS Dermatology Scope in Pakistan
BS dermatology is an emerging area of medicine that is currently under-researched, and therefore under-utilized, in Pakistan. However, there are several reasons for this. The most obvious one is that patients are unaware of the existence of such a field, let alone that there are medical practitioners who specialize in skin diseases. Secondly, there is a lack of research institutes and organisations that have the mandate and capacity to conduct research on skin conditions. As a result, there is a dearth of literature and resources for dermatologists to use in their day-to-day practice.



Many women and men in Pakistan don’t have access to proper skin care. And because of the country’s harsh weather, they need to take special precautions against skin damage. They use products that are cheap and harmful to their health. But there are also many quality skin care products in Pakistan, including face creams, lotions and potions. Majority of females can not afford these quality products due to high prices, so they use substandard cosmetic products, which badly affect their skin. This is the main reason of increasing skin diseases in Pakistan. Dermatologists in Pakistan should also launch quality cosmetic products in cheap prices to address this problem.



Why Is Dermatology Important?
When you walk into a dermatologist’s office, there are usually some signs that say something like “cosmetic dermatology”. Why is this important? Well, it means that there is an understanding and awareness that many people have skin problems or issues. Dermatology deals with the skin and the body in general. There are many skin problems that come with aging. We all need to take care of our skin. Dermatologists understand that and provide services for that very reason.


In short there is great demand of qualified dermatologists in Pakistan, and BS dermatology is best route to become a dermatologist in Pakistan.


Psychology - Psychiatry

Career in Psychology Field, Degrees, Branches, Job Options (Urdu-English)

Career & Scope of Psychology Field in Pakistan, Degrees, Branches, Job Prospects, Opportunities & Tips (Urdu-English)
One can take years and years to explore this field line of psychology. This field possess an enriching scope in it. Only serious can work for this field as it is a sensitive field as well. As you will deal with the individuals who have mental disorders, emotional problems, that is why a lot of research and patience is needed to give your 100% in this profession.

Psychology Field Line Branches
Experimental psychology, applied psychology.
Comparative psychology, educational psychology.
Animal psychology.
Criminal and social psychology.
Child and theoretical psychology.

Scope for a Psychology Profession
There are many options for psychologists to give their input and contribution in this field. The option to become a clinical and counseling psychologist, child psychologist is here for you. You can become a geropsychologist, behavioral psychologists or a behavioral health counselor. The option to become an industrial-organizational psychologist is great as well.

Working as industrial organizational psychologist, you will be tackling with the workplace issues. You will look out for the ways of increasing and boosting worker productivity. You will be given the task as how best and suitable employees can be selected.

Job Options for Psychologists- Great Scope And Value
The demand of neuro-psychologist is high. These neuro-psychologists have to specialize in the areas of brain and also cognitive science. You will be performing cognitive tests. You will be running the brain scans. Your duty will be to assess people who are suffering from any of the brain injuries.

These psychologists, they are of great demand in the colleges and universities. They are highly demanded by the hospitals, research centers and also by the mental health clinics, and too by the pharmaceutical labs.

Opportunities for Psychologists
You can work as engineering psychologist. These psychologists have to improve the design systems and operations so that efficiency and productivity can be increased. They mainly work right in the private sector.

The clinical psychologists prevent mental illnesses. They work in the multiple number of settings, like you can have option to work in the hospitals, mental health clinics. The demand of counseling psychologists, it is getting higher also. These professionals offer psychotherapy and too mental health treatment. Then we have forensic psychologist professionals. They deal with the psychological issues which are attached to law. They develop the psychological profiles for the criminals and they deal with the child custody issues.

Degree Programs Part of Psychology Line
Choose the option to be in the 2 years associate degree program of psychology.

Be in the 4 years bachelor degree program of psychology.

You can be in the 2 years masters degree program of psychology.

Choose the option to be in the 5 years PHD degree program of psychology.

Now you have got all the enough ideas that what scope, value, worth and career opportunities you will get working for this psychology field. So a great and extremely worthy discipline info is given to the readers. If you are serving as a psychologist, then share your views.

Scope of Studying Psychology, Duties, Career, Required Skills, Jobs

Career in Psychology Field, Degrees, Branches, Job Options (Urdu-English)

Career in Psychology Field, Degrees, Branches, Job Options (Urdu-English)

Psychology - Psychiatry

Scope of Studying Psychology, Duties, Career, Required Skills, Jobs 

Scope For A Career In Psychology or Psychiatry In Pakistan, Career Counseling, Required Abilities, Job Type, Jobs
There is no doubt that this subject of psychology, it is one of the most and excessively opted and selected subjects by the students of FA and BA. Even many of the students are doing their masters and M.Phil in subject of psychology. This subject and field line has even become a science these days.

It is recommended to the students that if they belong to the FA or bachelors program line then they should opt psychology as their elective subject. This field is not only limited to the handling of psychotic patients, in fact you make an effort to bring a positive light in the lives of other individuals. You help out people so that they take their-selves out from the inferiority complexes. If you face issues like anxiety and depression then you should only be consulting psychology professionals.

Scope of Studying Psychology, Duties, Career, Required Skills, Jobs 

Scope of Studying Psychology, Duties, Career, Required Skills, Jobs

Job Duties of a Psychologist
It is the job of psychologists that they have to study in detail the human mind. They have to do extensive research so that they can understand the human behavior, human memory and also ll kinds of mental health disorders. Basically they have to do the counseling and all sorts of experimentation. These psychologists have to promote the aspects of safety and too good mental health.

Scope of Psychology – Psychiatry
In the public service commission recruitment processes, then in the army selection recruitment centers, they are in need of the psychologists all the time. Do you know that when you appear for the CSS or PMS interview, then your psychological assessment also take place, it is true! Some of the questions during these interview sessions are put up by the psychologists hired by these recruitment centers.

In the foreign countries, special assistance is needed from the psychologists so that they can do the investigation of the criminal cases.You can get a job as a lecturer in any of the education sector university.

You can do your private practice in any of the hospitals, you can set up your clinic where you can start your own psychology practice and profession.

This field scope and value can be put down in these words that limit is the sky! The minute you will enter in the field of psychology, you will start earning quite satisfactory.

Skills Required to Become a Psychologist
You should have great amount of interpersonal skills present in your personality. It is your people skills which count a lot, you have to be passionate about your psychology career. You should have the desire to help out others, try to develop this ability to listen to the other person all attentively.

To have more details on the field line of psychology, you can keep connected with us. Do you want to become a psychologist, the just go for this profession. We will further guide you that how can you make all seamless career growth in this field line. For more info on other humanities and arts related programs, keep connected with us.

Psychiatrist and Branches of Psychiatry



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