Weekly Diet Plan For Patients of Diabetes in Urdu & English

7 Days Diet Plan For Diabetic Patients in Urdu & English Language
So what can be the weekly diet plan for the patient of diabetes out there, we will tell you. Here is the complete weekly diet plan details for you, if any one of your relative is the patient of diabetes then make sure that you need to follow this diet plant for him. This disease is quite a harmful disease, you need to tackle and mange it.

1st Day
In the breakfast, you need to take one bowl of porridge, have some dry fruits and a glass of milk. Then have blueberries as well, they have antioxidant properties and they really help you in controlling the diabetes issue of yours. For the lunch time, you can have two slices of bread,, green mustard, an apple, chicken sandwich, make sure that in the chicken sandwich, there should be rich use of salads. Then for the dinner, you should only have vegetable soup.

2nd Day
Then for the 2nd day, you can have that same bowl of porridge, some chia seeds, The lunch time should comprise of grilled chicken, some strawberries, few of the carrots. For this second day, it is best if you will have porridge in the dinner time.

3rd Day
You can have one egg or you can have two eggs, have one cup of berries, in that eggs omelette, you can add mushrooms as well. The lunch menu of yours should be based on the fiber green bread and the dinner time can have the incorporation of pine apple, wheat bread.

4th Day
On the 4th day, the patient of diabetes can have sweet potatoes toast, for the lunch, the patients can have a roasted chicken and a cup of berries, half banana. In the dinner time, those affected people can have tofu.

5th Day
You can have the fiber cereal on the fifth during the breakfast time of yours, you can too have berries and flakes, this will be your protein rich breakfast which is must for you to have it in the 5th day of yours. Your lunch will be based on the salad menu and the dinner time can have salmon.

6th Day
On this 6th day, the breakfast menu should have a Greek yogurt and for the lunch time, the person can have two chapattis along with some salad. The dinner menu should have baked potatoes, grilled chicken, broccoli.

7th Day
The last day of the week which is the 7th day, you can have porridge, chia seeds, some chocolate. The lunch time should and need to have peta bread in it, some cucumbers and tomatoes. Lastly for the dinner time, the affected person can have salmon, peas, butter.

This is how the weekly diet plan for the patient of diabetes is being processed, you can stay tuned with us and we will more guide you that how the diet plan for these diabetes patients can be processed further.

Weekly Diet Plan For Patients of Diabetes in Urdu & English

Weekly Diet Plan For Patients of Diabetes in Urdu & English



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