Top 5 Health Tips For Backache & Homeopathic Medicine for Back Pain (Urdu-English)

How To Reduce Backache? Top Five Tip to Control Back Pain, Homeo Medicines
Back pain is one of those common issues of your body, which gets quite common as soon as you reach the old era of your life. It is associated with different acute as well as chronic sort of medical conditions. Backache or Back pain is divided into various complexities and variations where it can minor, such as muscle strain or can even be severe to a life-threatening level, including dissecting aortic aneurysm.

In case if the condition gets worse, a proper historical background check is conducted by the doctors to figure out essential treatments that need to be performed on the patient. The concept of lower back pain ache is associated with spinal bone conditions. Even though they get themselves diagnose, still at some point in time, it might be threatening for their body to perform any tasks. It can take place when you have to bend your body too much.


Tip No 1: Keep Body Warm-Up & Stop Sitting like an Army Man:
You should keep the body warmed up and relaxed all the time. You should be doing jogging at least 2-3 minutes in the whole to warm up the muscles. You should not be stretching much using bouncing motion.



Tip No 2: Increase Physical Activities:
You should know that whether your body muscles are in a condition to do sports or not. You should gradually be increasing the amount of activity spent on the sports with the passage of time. This will help you to build the muscles on the strength and mobility timeline basis. Cross-training exercises will help to sustain the muscle power.



Tip No 3: Choose Right Athletic Shoes:
You should make the selection of the athletic shoes as according to your foot type. This is very much important. If you have low arches, then you need to get into the support of both the front of the shoe and under the arch. The heel and heel counter that is at the back of the shoe should be very stable. On the other side, the individuals with the stiffer foot or high arches should make the selection of the shoes that are set with the more cushion and a softer platform.
You should be immediately being replacing the athletic shoes when the tread wears out, or the heels wear down. You should replace the shoes approximately every six months and possible after three months if you an avid runner.



Tip No 4: Bring Balance Tone in your Body
You should overlook running or step at some of the uneven and sloppy surfaces. You need to stay back much careful over the rocky terrain or even over the hills using loose gravel. This is an important tip to keep in mind.



Tip No 5: Reduce Your Weight & Keep Your Back in Right Posture
You should always remember that keeping your back in the right posture and state is a lot important for the overall functioning of your body. It is your back on which the whole body has been depending upon. You should be giving your back area with constant care and attention for a better healthy lifestyle. You must also reduce your weight, specially belly fat.



Homeopathic Medicine for Back Pain
Arnica, Bryonia, Calcarea Carb, Calcarea Phos, Nux Vomica and Rhus Tox are top recommended homeopathic medicines for the treatment of backache. You should consult an experienced homeopathic doctor for treatment of back pain including our team of homeo doctors. Below top 5 health tips for treatment Backache have been given in Urdu.


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Top 5 Health Tips For Backache & Homeopathic Medicine for Back Pain (Urdu-English)


Top 5 Health Tips For Backache & Homeopathic Medicine for Back Pain (Urdu-English)

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