Career Counseling About Scope of Pharmacy Education in Pakistan, Tips

Career Counseling on Scope of Pharmacy Field in Pakistan, Tips in Urdu & English
The fusion of art and science field, this is what the field of pharmacy all about is! Here you can receive the information on the career and scope of pharmacy education in Pakistan. It is with the help of natural resources usage and also with the avail of synthetic sources that medicine products are made. Formulation and production of drugs, carrying out pharmacological actions, formulation of medicines, these are the main highlights of this field. If you have completed the bachelor level of these pharmacy studies then below the career scope options which you can opt now:

Where to Work?

Community Pharmacy Field
First we have community pharmacy field and this is the major pharmacy field and sector line. If you think that you can start your drug store at the retail level, if you can become an entrepreneur and you can well take along the operations of yours retail drug store then serve in this community pharmacy sector.

Wholesale Pharmacy Sector
We have option for you to work in this wholesale pharmacy sector as well. It is on the wholesale business terms and basis that these pharmacists will serve themselves.

Industrial Pharmacy Field
As this field of pharmacy is really growing and we have next option for you to work in the industrial pharmacy sector. This sector announces jobs for the pharmacists so that they professionally work in the production production or in the quality control department or in the analytical department. These pharmacists can work in the research and development department or in the marketing departments on work in the sales department.

Other Options to Work for Pharmacy Field
You can work for pharmacy manufacturing unit, in this unit you can look for the job as an analytical chemist and these analytical laboratories are made for such professionals. These chemists will make up the raw materials and they also test them. These analytical chemists are really working and getting high pays, this post has become much polished and high in its current demand.
Those pharmacists professionals who have a doctorate degree or those who have a master degree, the department of product development linked to pharmaceutical industry is made for them. In this department, these professionals of pharmacy have to keep in mind physical standards and chemical, biological standardization medications and drugs.

Pharmacy Field Job Options
The department of marketing and sales, they are made for all pharmacists and it is this health system pharmacy field which has open this job option. You can apply for job in government-owned hospitals or work at health maintenance organizations.

Note that for this department, all pharmacists dispense medication as well prepare sterile solution and they give advice to their colleagues and professionals. They also monitor drug regiment and later on evaluate drug usage policies.

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Career Counseling About Scope of Pharmacy Education in Pakistan, Tips

Career Counseling About Scope of Pharmacy Education in Pakistan, Tips

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